Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cats On Tuesday--Cat Communication

Anela here: Yes, it's been awhile since my Number Two Cat Slave posted! I've kept her company as she's been researching and writing....it seems she's working on a big project. We of the Cat Tribes are known to be Muses, and we've inspired many an artist and inventor throughout history. She knows this fact, and she loves me to be close as she creates.

Sometimes she talks to me about her ideas, and I listen and give her my feedback. Then she'll rub my ears, and suddenly she's receives a *download* and goes back to work with renewed passion. This is how cat magick works.

She tells me she's going to mention me in the acknowledgments, and rightfully so I might add!

I watched the cat talking video below with her, and let me tell ya: my Cat Slave is nowhere near this sappy! If she ever talked to me this way, I might move on down the road. Just kidding. I've got a great life, plus I've got a job: inspire her to finish the project!

P.S. I think this white fur ball is really cute.

P.P.S. Basha... in case you're sneaking onto the computer against doctor's orders, we send you a Shout Out to feel bettah soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cats On Tuesday--Manipulative Purrs

It came as no surprise to read the Discovery post about cat's manipulative purrs titled "Cats Use Special Purr to Manipulate Humans". All of us cat women/men know this one, right???

Here's the link in case you missed it. I twittered about it right away because I was so amused!

Link to Special Purr to Manipulate Humans

It's this one paragraph which really says it all:

"Cats have about the right size of vocal folds to produce a cry that is similar to a baby's, so there is a coincidental element," explained McComb. "In fact, the meow can sound remarkably like a crying child, which will be particularly effective with humans."

This is how Ms. Queenie Anela works my partner....it's his instinct to take care of a baby.

However, since I'm the Alpha Cat in our home, I'm onto her baby-sounding-meow, and she can't work me like she does him.

And do your cats manipulate you?

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cats and Dogs--One Big Happy Family

This is the 1st post I've written on any of my many blogs since my return from Asia, but Queenie, aka Anela, my BOSS, absolutely insisted she get her Cat Day once again.

Yes, I had been suffering from juggler's fatigue with way too many blogs for far too many years, and upon return from my last arduous journey to Base Camp Mount Everest, I needed even more time away from blogging.

However, here's an update on Anela for her fellow felines of Cats on Tuesday!

Before I give you the report, I'm gonna share a test I took to see if I could tell whether a cat was a boy or a girl just by looking at a photo.

"Here's my test results: Your Score: You got 13 right out of 20 questions, for a score of 65 percent."

If you'd also like to take this test, here's the link: Boy Girl Cat Quiz

So back to Queenie Anela news:

I'd like to brag about her...she's one VERY COOL cat. Here's her latest demonstration of coolness.

There is a new puppy on our property, an American Bulldog. His name is Charlie, and he is totally adorable but rambunctious as puppies are wont to be. Charlie is totally fascinated with Anela, and when they were first introduced (with Charlie being on a leash of course), Anela didn't hiss or run or freak-out in any way. She held her ground and stared him down with zero fear. She didn't budge from her resting spot.

Charlie is the new 'baby' of my daughter and her fiancee, and they also reside on the property in their own home. Notice the eyes of Charlie--one is blue, and one is brown.

Anela had already spied Charlie running around on HER land, so she was quite aware of him already, but bringing him into HER immediate home space was of some concern for me. Would the two of them KNOW they were part of the family? Would they get along?

And praises be, they are getting on! They're communicating on a level beyond our hearing, and they seem to know that they're part of the family unit.

Anela and I send our warmest A-L-O-H-A to all our Cats on Tuesday friends! We've missed ya!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Ponders Her Future

Anela Here: I've been listening to my Number Two Cat Slave discussing her Spring Break. I shudder when I know she's leaving on a long journey because I expect my Cat Slaves to jump and deliver the goods when I meow.

However, the Good News is my Number Three Cat Slave who rubs my ears every morning right on schedule (7 am to be exact) will still be around to care for me. I'm a very particular cat and one that likes everything to be on time. For example, every day at EXACTLY 5:30 pm, I expect to be feed treats--preferably Temptations cat treats, my favorites.

With my main Cat Slaves wandering the world and with only ONE cat slave left to care for me, my cat treat cocktail hour will likely be overlooked, and then I'll have to harass the Number Three cat slave when she arrives home.

I make a particular 'harassing' sound when my needs have been overlooked. One could almost compare this sound to a dog's bark. It's a command, and believe me, my Cat Slaves KNOW this sound as they always comply when I make this sound.

Anyways, my dear cat friends around the world, I'm letting you know my Cats on Tuesday post will be returning in June once my cat slaves return from their journey. So I'll check back-up on your adventures and once again tattle on my slaves at this time.

Aloha from The Maui Cat!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cats On Tuesday--On Imperfection

Anela here: My Number Two Cat Slave posted a quote on her Twitter page which I'd like to embellish upon on my special day hosted by Gattina.

This is the quote: "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." Sir Francis Bacon

When I was a young 'un, one of my Number 2 Cat Slaves's friends told her that there was something wrong with me. Imagine that! How rude! This so-called friend said that my eyes weren't evenly balanced and therefore I was a bit strange.

I ran to a reflective surface and looked at my beautiful eyes, and yes, twas true that one eye was different than the other. One eye slanted more and was a bit larger! But the more I thought about my uneven eyes, the more I realized I liked them just the way they are! Who sez that eyes have to be perfectly matched anyways?!

After coming to grips with my extraordinary beauty and high strangeness, that's when I observed my Cat Slave's friend with more scrutiny. Her eyes were perfectly balanced, but even with perfectly balanced eyes, she wasn't a kind person.

Thus, the moral of this little cat tale today is: Accept your imperfections. Glory in your excellent strangeness. Be the beautiful, strange, alluring cat you are, and don't buy-into anyone telling you that you have to be perfect. You're even more beautiful according to the great Sir Francis Bacon who knew a thing or two.

And what is your oddity my fellow cats?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Music Monday--Sleep Song

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