Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bookmarks of the Week

Photo: terragalleria

To Consider As A Second Vacation Home: Spheres because they are amazing, khool, ingenious and spiritual....I want one!

To Remember Just In Case: What to do if you cell phone is lost or stolen... read about this on Dr. Mercola's comprehensive health website along with everything else you need to know but forgot you needed to know. Just in case!!

To Read: DreamHealer: A True Story of Miracle Healings by Adam which was originally self-published by Adam when he was sixteen and went on to become an international bestseller...Adam is one awesome healer.

To Buy: Jean Marini Age Intervention Eyelash from Dermstore because it grows back eyelashes and eyebrows again. For some who have had medical cancer treatments and lost hair, this is a wonder product it is said, and for that just want to grow fabulous long lashes and eyebrows, this product is pretty nifty too.

To Listen to: Reflections of Faerie by Gary Stadler as you enjoy your lazy, summer day and watch the clouds float by

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