Monday, June 19, 2006

Mending The Mind

In the concepts expressed by the inspirational Abraham as voiced through the channel Esther Hicks and in the book "The Secret of Shambhala" written by James Redfield, there is postulated a superior way to use our minds and thoughts than the way most of us have been using them for a long, long time. To summarize, because of the way we have been using our thoughts, we have been getting more of what we don¹t want and less of what of we do want. We have been using our minds backwards! This has been the old paradigm on this planet.

Apparently what we have been assuming is that what we see and experience as reality is the total truth. It is only after much effort on our parts in turning this assumption around until we understand that what we had assumed to be true could be completely shifted. Once our perceptions are altered, then the picture of our reality is changed. Carlos Castaneda wrote of this in his books when he wrote of the assemblage point, which is the point in one's luminous body reinforced through beliefs, internal thought processes, energy and feelings. When the assemblage point shifts or moves, one's perceptions and experiences change. The assemblage point is the place where our version of reality is constructed, and thus it affects our perceptions and experiences. For instance, the protagonist in Redfield¹s book has been warned that his anger works against him, and he intellectually knows this to be so. Nevertheless, he can not cease his behaviour of an angry reaction. Not until he¹s finally in a life and death struggle does he employ the technique he has been taught. He turns his thoughts around with incredible effort (shifts the assemblage point), and he experiences this way of using his mind works to shift his reality! The old way kept returning him negative results, but the new way returns beneficial results. He had what is termed a domain shift or a paradigm shift.

Do we all have to be in such critical circumstances before we "get it"? Or can we begin practicing what these profound teachers of our times are sharing with us about our thoughts before the shit hits the fan? Can we accelerate the much predicted paradigm shift by mending our minds? This is the burning question of our times.

What these teachers suggest is seeing the highest good in all people and positive meaning in circumstances. So what¹s new about this? Not very much and a whole lot! Namaste is a Nepalese greeting and expression which means I bow to the "God within you" . We are to honor the divine spark within each person we encounter. This is an ancient word and concept. This concept is especially relevant today as we have entered into the fourth dimension where our minds create outer events rapidly, if not immediately. We can no longer afford the luxury of a negative thought. We need to practice the concept of what Redfield terms the prayer-field and its extensions immediately or else the repercussions that result from our negative thinking and backwards minds is going to be kicking our butts all over the place! We are in the same position that the protagonist in Redfield¹s book is: we are at the life and death position on this planet. The shift of the ages is right around the corner as three different cycles are coming to a close. Can we all do it? By honoring this principle and applying it, I would have to say yes. We are ready for this new paradigm of consciousness co-created by us, the human family and the Cosmic Forces of Light. There has never been a better time than now to release the old and to access the new.

I have experimented with mending my own mind, turning it around and applying these concepts since being inspired by the passionate Abraham. Abraham is brilliant in his word usage and so persuasive that I finally "got it". But guess what? Like many people who "get it", you can loose it. The mind is extremely powerful and reverts to its old programs unless you are diligent, alert and mindful. I found this job of re-programming my mind almost a superhuman effort. And with my other friends who attempted to apply the principles as proposed by Abraham, we had to admit we kept forgetting. So we formed a group to keep reminding ourselves and each other to remember. We used techniques that Abraham suggested such as the "focus wheel", the journal, the pivoting. All in all, I believe we made some progress using his techniques and inspirational model, but for the most part it was like that childhood game of "Mother May I".....a few baby steps ahead, and one giant step backward... moving in slow motion towards the goal of de-programming the mind conditioned to think and work in the old way.

At times it was especially frustrating for me when I woke up¹ in the middle of using my mind the old way and realized with anguish that once again I was in the old reality and not applying the principles. I could forsee where I would be heading in a situation because I could step into my sacred witness and overview like a hawk the ongoing scenario. During these "wake-up calls", my tendency is to go "Arghhhhhh!", beat-up on myself mentally by judging myself to be stupid, and then become very frustrated. My love field would weaken, and my energy would drop. If I could muster the desire to turn it around, I had to make an incredible effort. However, more often than not, I couldn¹t rally the energy to do so, and thus it was like watching a bad movie of my own creation. When I was able to turn it around, I experienced such a rush. I have proven to myself that I can pivot and shift a situation.

After many years of working at training to re-program the mind, with the resulting forgetting/remembering and ensuing frustration, I discovered a faster way to rid myself of this redundant pattern. I was introduced to the skills of a woman doctor who is employing a technique whereby she can rapidly clear the "entities" that keep the mind locked into this rut of its old programs. She began rapidly clearing my trauma programs and the entities whose job it was to keep these programs locked into the mind. After working with her for some time now, I know the reason progress was so difficult before! And the answer is that these entities do their job very well indeed! Unlike humans, they have nothing else to do with their lives and are not distracted by many diversions like us humans. They only have their jobs to do which they do unfailingly, unerringly. These entities live in the fourth dimension, the area that is most often termed the unconscious mind, and until they are brought to consciousness, they live in the dark, just doing their jobs! Being brought to consciousness is scary and uncomfortable for them, like a bright halogen light being shown into your eyes by a policeman at night.

These entities were created by us initially, and thus they are our creation, under our direction. We just didn't know that when we created them and invited them to help us out in a fight or flight situation that they would stay around so long. They came and moved into our house, our mind, and then we forgot that they were there hanging out in the basement!! The aha's in our conscious mind send them packing forever for we have the power to immediately dis-create them. This is the magic of the mind, and although it has been investigated, explored and utilized by many adepts through the ages, it is now beginning to be circulated for the masses to know through popular books and teachers.

If these entities are not cleared, then turning the mind around is almost a super-human effort which requires a yogic lifestyle, supervision and training. How many of us have this option for a lifestyle? Or how many would even choose this way were it offered to us? Maybe it will come to a time on this planet where the choice will be clearly obvious because the results of our thoughts and behaviours will be so critically immediate that like Redfield¹s character, we are forced to mend our minds!

Kala is the Hawaiian word that means to cleanse, and in the Huna way of old Hawaii, they discovered that before the prayers would be effective, they needed to cleanse what they called the unihipili (lower self or subconscious) of its complexes or traumas. These complexes most likely were formed in this lifetime during early childhood (or sometimes past lifetimes) by some emotionally-charged, initiating incident. These complexes have been referred to "as the thing eating inside." Literally, they infiltrate our energy fields and rob us of vital energy which will eventually result in disease and death. The person has acquired 'entitites' which is another name for these complexes (who are just doing their job...they can not intrude on our free will....remember compassion) which make a person assume the mistaken acceptance of the permanent validity of this distorted truth. In other words, a trauma or incident got programmed into your consciousness as a permanent truth. Not until we cleanse, discard and disassemble these 'entities' are we unable to unshackle ourselves from the past. They hold us in bondage to out-dated beliefs. Thus, we need to do a cleansing ceremony, which is what the kahunas of old did, and what our doctors do now. Our unihipili or subconscious selves are very responsive to ceremonies, stage settings and authority figures, be they kahunas or medical doctors. The obstructions are then removed, and the new positive programming is established. Our futures can thus be changed through the shift in our thoughtforms. Many of the more advanced doctors, healers and leaders of the consciousness movement of our time are understanding the same knowings of the wise kahunas.

Another possible alternative that I can envision would play like this: More doctors and healers learn this aforementioned clearing technique or employ similar clearing techniques so that the process is more available to more people. As more people clear and begin mending their minds, then the morphogenetic field (or prayer-field as Redfield terms it) changes, like the 100th Monkey Phenomena, and the ability to re-program the mind becomes much more rapid and easier. Our children would genetically inherit these new programs, and the prayer-field for new thoughtforms would thus be established in one or two generations. The new paradigm will finally have arrived.

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