Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now Why Didn't I Think Of That

The famous Max the Crystal Skull once visited our home and slept in our bedroom in Maui. The caretakers of this amazing skull, JoAnn and Carl Parks, graciously allowed us to enjoy Max's presence overnight as they were guests in our home. No one knows for sure how and who and when and why these rare crystal skulls came into existence. There is much speculation about them, and there are many stories of unusual experiences had by those who spend time with a crystal skull. Was Max a technological gadget from another time period used for communication? Was Max a revered spiritual object? What purpose does he serve now? If you want to read more about Max, read here.

Perhaps in our future earth, the inhabitants may look back on our gadgets and wonder what they were for because they seem so very odd and unexplainable. Check out this page of Japanese gadgets that are bizarre (but perhaps very utilitarian) even in our time.

Here's a very useful gadget that is advertised in many magazines these days. Of course, the Japanese created it. It's a game you play to keep your mind sharp, and the title is "Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day!" It's like having a private trainer for your brain. I don't think I need one yet as creating/writing blogs is keeping my brain very fit, mahalo!

The number two and three most popular blogs, Boing Boing and Engadget, showcase gadgets. What is this fascination with gadgets? I have to admit that I am fascinated as well. Probably like many of you when you view the latest gadget, the thought goes through your mind like it does mine: Now Why Didn't I Think Of That? I'm sure the beings that created Max hoped we would 'get' Max. More than likely Max does his best to communicate his purpose, but perhaps his best is still too advanced, even in our world of every gadget under the sun.

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