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Precious Precious

Photo: Terragalleria

There never has been a more important time than the present time on Terra to reclaim our personal power. We are at the ending of many cycles and one Giant Cycle, with new beginnings just around the corner. Through this long, long period of time, most of us Divine Beings have been reincarnating time and again. Each time we begin anew as another Earth Child, we carry a precious package of memories and lessons learned, but then the amnesia sets in at a fairly early age for most of us. Then we go off living yet another life. What has happened to most of us in these multiple lives and this very long journey is that little by little we have relinquished our personal power, so much so that we barely remember who we truly are as Divine Galactic Beings. However, we have allies to help us to re-ignite this Divine Spark. The great whales have done us an incredible favor by holding these memories of our history and also the memory of who we truly are! There are also ancient sentient stones that know our stories too! The Hawaiians know of these Spirit Dwellers in Rocks, and this is a story about these ancient deities and stones, called Pohaku in Hawaiian, and my introduction to their world.

Beginnings are strange things. On reflection, it becomes clear that there really is no tangible beginning, no certain ending. These beginnings and endings loop around each other and spiral ever upward, to the place that Great Mystery lives. However, I will try to make a beginning to the Story of Precious-Precious, but I can’t guarantee there will ever be a clear beginning or ending, for this story like so many others is full of the unknowns, mystery and complexities of the universe.

I am known as a sensitive, intuitive, psychic and channel, and therefore, I retrieve information from many sources. Having once done readings for a living using my own natural abilities as well as working with the modalities of runes, tarot, numerology, astrology, palmistry to name a few, I came to a place in my life where I could no longer work in that way, for a larger world invited me to join it and doing readings became a major distraction. I began exploring the inner realms more often and spending time ‘off-the-grid’ which means living close to the Earth away from the electromagnetic frequencies. I began experiencing the power of Nature in my quiet contemplative time, and I now believe this is one of the best paths I could pursue for Nature has taught me so very much!! I have been thrilled with the outpouring of Divine Inspiration flowing forth to myself (as it is to one and all who make themselves available)!

With that said, I would like to share with you how I came to know the Consciousness that calls itself Precious-Precious. It began with an invitation to spend some time in a most remarkable home on Maui, Hawaii. This unusual home is round, and possibly the only large round house on Maui. There is a second and smaller round house directly behind the larger one, and both were hand-built by a beautiful Hawaiian man and his mystical wife. She had grown up nearby and had inherited this land, and he had decided to build this Frank Lloyd Wright designed home upon this land about twenty some odd years ago. Two of my dear friends rented this home and became familiar with the unique energies of the home including the guardians that guard the property, recipients of offerings placed at one corner of the property.. These friends were to be off island for awhile, and they extended to my partner and myself the invitation to spend some time in this home while they were away.

The weekend we first spent time at the house was a Full Moon. Through the inside looking out through the large plate glass windows, we were able to view the isthmus of Maui , and with this incredible view high on the slopes of Haleakala, we felt very much the eagle and our spirits soared. Stories were told to us by the Hawaiian couple about the incredible energies within this home which piqued our curiosity. The first evening passed uneventfully, but the next day after my partner left to go to work and I was alone in the home, I had my experience of first meeting with Precious-Precious.

I had an initiation with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, the head of the Sufi Order of the West, many years ago. This week-long retreat with him and with others in Tucson, Arizona, was when I experienced my kundalini brought to my heart chakra. My heart opened! It was a most amazing experience.The kundalini fire burned inside of me, and yet I felt bliss which offset the discomfort and which made the pain tolerable.

Since that time, I have been exploring the wisdom of the heart in an attempt to deal with my own heart issues. I believe as Antoine De Saint Exupery wrote, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” I later learned a meditative technique where I put myself into a light trance and open to the guardian of the heart, the Inner Beloved. And it was while in this light trance in the magical round house that I was introduced to and became immersed in another Being, an ancient Being.

Suddenly aware of a greater entity conscious of me, I began my communication with this energy and then merged with it in a state of ecstasy. I asked the entity’s name, and She responded with the name Precious-Precious. I spent four hours that day in the blissful enfoldment of the energy field of Precious-Precious. Later, I marvelled at the timeless quality of that day, for it felt like I had touched-into eternity. I was unable to move or to speak during this time and just rested on a bed, for all my attention was focused inward on the ineffable sense of immersion in this powerful, loving essence. Upon hearing my recounting of this experience, the owners asked me to put the story down in a hard-copy letter to them. This is a copy of the letter I wrote : “I had the feeling that your home sits on the edge of a large bowl-shaped sacred area, and that the entrance to the perimeter of this sacred area begins very close to your property. The exact location of the Earth Mother Goddess is further up the hill, and her name is Precious-Precious. I believe she is very, very ancient, and that she was alive before the Hawaiians came to know her. Her sanctuary is marked by a large (conscious) stone and an entrance that seemed in my vision to be either a lava tube or a cave. She is lonely, and doesn’t receive many visitors these days. If there are those that know of her and her power, they are keeping it very quiet. I had the sense that certain Hawaiians know of her and her location. It felt that the proper and ancient way to go to greet her and make offerings was by traversing back and forth up the hill to this location rather than walking directly to her.”

Precious-Precious showed herself to me with enormous black eyes accompanied by incredible sweetness, curiosity and the loneliness that I mentioned in the letter. I was so smitten with love and longing for Precious-Precious that the next day I had my partner drive up and down every by-way and road in the area in search of her. However, I continued sensing that she was deep in the woods somewhere higher up the slopes of Haleakala. I could feel her, but to try and make it to her in the thick overgrown woods with no trails seemed hopeless, so I eventually relinquished trying to discover her location and instead sent her telepathic love-notes on the Maui coconut wireless. We would connect consciousness to consciousness, and that was all I could do.

I felt that weekend that I had merged with Precious-Precious, and simulatenously I could differentiate that she was also the Other. Paul Pearsall spoke of this in his book, “The Heart’s Code” when he wrote, “ According to the concept of nonlocality, info-energy in the form of the “fifth force” is everywhere always. We are not just influenced by that energy but a part of it. When we pray, we don’t send energy up to a High Power spiritual satellite to be relayed to or for someone else. Prayer, like love, is merging with the info-energy that we are always a part of whether our brain “knows” it or not. Energy cardiology and its many related fields of study provide the research and established theories such as dynamic system memory, speed-of-light info-energy conveyance, wave/particle duality, volume conduction, and nonlocality that help us begin to understand prayer, psychic communication, and the making of miracles.”

I had resigned myself to communing with Precious-Precious from a distance until one magical day when things changed.. A girlfriend asked her mate to take her hiking for her birthday present , and they came to me and asked directions to a special place that they had heard was a good hiking area. I did them one better and told them I would drive them there and go hiking with them, for I truly love this beautiful upcountry area of Maui. It is remote, gorgeous and full of mana.

Mana is a Hawaiian term that equates to what the Chinese call chi, the Indians call prana, the Russians call bio-energy, the French call elan vital, the Japanese call Ki and healing energy or life force in other countries. Mana is a subtle, universal energy and a positive, vital force that is essential in helping one to live calmly, in balance and in the present. It exists outside the threshold of awareness of most people. Mana is a peaceful energy that inhabits everything in the islands, but some people, places and objects seem to be blessed with an extra dose of mana. Since not all mana is identical, it is the wise one that can know the precise type of mana in all things. Even men’s and women’s mana are completely different. Hawaii is known to have lots of mana, and sacred sites have even more mana, but pohaku have the most sacred mana!

Maui is affectionally known as Mother Maui to many of the locals, and She shows a loving and nurturing disposition to those that are in gratitude for residing in her Presence. However, she is known to ‘kick you off the island’ prontissimo if you are showing negative qualities, and I have witnessed this phenomena myself with many people who wish to stay but are just not welcomed by the island energies. There is also my play on words for the shortened version of Lemuria which is often called MU. I call MU, Maui University, for this is an island which mirrors whatever you are right back to you, and life lessons are given to you quite quickly. When you have spent years on Maui, you really do have a useful degree in the school of Life.

The sacred sites that were built by the ancients were usually built on energy, ley lines and many contain high concentrations of crystal, granite or other special kinds of stones. Many sacred sites of the world were situated using sacred geometry and extraterrestrial-star influences. These sites and (and ancient pohaku) vibrate with knowledge and mana after eons of time because of a now-forgotten technology of thought, intention and light anchored into them. If we resonate strongly with a sacred site, we can be shifted within our very DNA, within every cell of our body. Thus, we can activate our latent psychic and spiritual abilities, remember long-forgotten wisdom and heal our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Sacred caves are known to be places where Mother Goddesses were venerated, such as in Crete, Greece where a Bronze Age civilization flourished and instead of building temples, the people worshipped goddesses in sacred caves in mountains.

As we were hiking down a trail through the forest, I saw a sign pointing to a cave. As I clambered down the slope to the cave, my heart began pounding. Suddenly I realized this was the cave that I had seen in my vision. I gazed to the left for the rock that I had seen it my vision, and there it was!! I was overjoyed and shocked to realize that I had been led to the very sacred place in my vision, and finally I was here! I don’t know why I am always so astonished when the miraculous occurs, but I am, even though I acknowledge constantly that I live in a magical and miraculous world! My astonishment is a mixture of gratitude and awe for the revelation of Divine Grace.I am always reminded that when we let go and surrender, then the flow can occur.

My friend pointed out the obvious: the reason that it had two names exactly alike (Precious-Precious) is because it was one rock that had been cracked down the middle to form two rocks. This rock is more like a boulder for it is huge! The crack that had almost evenly divided the rock into two was jagged and you could see how the two parts fit together like a puzzle when they were once one as there was just about an inch or so crevice between them. It must have been a mighty shake-up that threw this rock into the position it now occupies . It serves as the sentinel to the cave; to enter into the cave, one must pass by this rock. And what’s more, it felt like a She Rock. According to author Scott Cunningham, “Female stones include porous rocks, pahoehoe (smooth-flowing) lava, loaf-shaped or round stones, and rocks split with hollows.”

The almonds I had packed as snack for the hike went to Precious-Precious as an offering. I shared some almonds with my friends, and the three of us circled round and placed almonds everywhere near Precious Precious to honor this ancient rock. Almonds are associated with the love goddess, Aphrodite, and so I thought these almonds were a perfect offering. Offerings are a traditional way to honor deities in Hawaii, and the most common way is with food offerings. This is known as mohai’ai.

I conversed again with Precious-Precious, and she told me that the rock is not All of Her, but simply a Focus of her Consciousness. I realized I was standing on Holy Ground and touching the Unified Focus of a Great Being that was Conscious and Alive for who knows how long...back to the creation of the planet, perhaps!! It was almost as if the rock was the eye through which She was perceiving and focusing. However, like the expression goes: ‘the eyes are the windows to the Soul’, I was elated that I had this eye to look within the soul of Precious-Precious. To connect with such a Core Heart Being is an awesome experience and one that I treasure, so much so that I do not intend to reveal its location or whereabouts in print, for there are many who may not understand the magnificence of this sacred place and this holy rock!

In the Hawaiian language, there is a word for stones. They are called “pohaku”. Many of them are revered by the Hawaiians as they believe deities reside within some of these stones. Indeed, I feel the same way and feel they are our touchstones to the powerful being that is Mother Earth. Scott Cunningham in his excellent book, Hawaiian Religion and Magic”, writes. “ The importance of stone to the Hawaiians can’t be overstated....Pohaku, then were sacred to the Hawaiians. They were used to induce pregnancy, to bless births, to grown and prepare food, to create temples, to heal, to secure good fishing, to divine the future, to pass the time, to win during battle, and for a host of other uses. The mana contained within pokahu, as indicated by their many uses, was such that they became central to life in old Hawai’i”.

Mother Earth, the Great Goddess, has been revered in all cultures, and legend claims this sacred energy first entered the earth plane and took form on the ancient continent of Mu.. There are those that believe that the islands of Hawaii are some of the remaining remnants of Mu which was said to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean aeons ago. Hawaii is a place that still honors many Goddesses who have survived the near extinction of feminine divinity. The Mother/Father of all God/desses, Creatures and Children is Goddess Uli and God Eli in Hawaii.

There have been many predictions about coming earth changes. One of the predictions that I have encountered through numerous psychics is the story of the rising of the ancient lands of Lemuria. On various of these maps that have been drawn for the coming placement of continents, there are two huge new landmasses in the Pacific, one a bit northwest of the present day Hawaii and one further south in the Pacific, near to Fiji or Tahiti. I have even been told by other psychics that I will be living on one of these new land masses! These land masses are supposed to be coming up from the ocean floor very soon. I don’t know about the timing of these huge land masses, but there is an island forming right underneath the surface here in Hawaii, right off the Big Island of Hawaii. It is being fed by underground streams of lava, and the scientists have their eye on it, expecting it to be birthed within the next ten years at the least.

Hawaii sits smack dab in the middle of the Ring of Fire, and all the islands are riveted with underground lava tubes from ancient volcanoes. There are stories that some of these lava tubes connect underground with such far away places as Antartica, South America, California and even Sedona. Many of these lava tubes are collapsed at their entry, and it is impossible to enter, but on the other hand, there are many that are open, and one can walk quite a distance underground to connect with the Great Goddess. There is one such tube that is famous on the Big Island where a giant vagina-like structure is formed from rocks. There is another in the heart of the crater on Maui where you can walk for a goodly space before finding your way to the light of day again. These are awesome spaces with which to commune with Mother Earth.

When one goes into these inner-earth wombs, one can begin to sense the timeless earth, the many mansions that occupy the same space but in various frequencies and the gift we have been given called consciousness. Bodies become unimportant, and consciousness reigns supreme. Egos fly away, and once you are comfortable with the total darkness, a new etheric vision starts forming. These are initiatory experiences, and one could travel through these gateways to a different space and time through the generosity of the sensory deprivation womb. If you are a visionary type as myself, it is possible to receive many visitors and visions!

Pokahu are located throughout the islands and are are named and reverenced by the Hawaiians. They all serve different purposes and contain different kinds of consciousness, although they are all connected to the Great Divine Mother. The most revered of the four major gods of Hawaii is called Kane. He is not represented by a carved image but simply symbolized by an upright stone as the god of procreation. Many ancient Hawaiians worshipped Kane, and the family altar was known as Pohaku-o-Kane, a single cone shaped stone, anywhere from one to six feet high. (See accompanying picture of a Kane stone in the town of Lahaina, Maui.) It is in honor of Kane that many Hawaiian homes face east (as do the Native American Indian dwellings), for it is believed that Kane comes through the gateway of the rising sun. The legend goes that Kane created man from white clay, red earth and saliva, and that the first man and first woman lived in a beautiful lush Edenic world in a land that moved off. (This other world ‘that moved off’ is the theme of another story of mine!). The word Kane also means man, and one can note that these stones are ancient phallic symbols. Wahine means woman, and the female stones are rounded. For the most part, the Hawaiians are extremely secretive about these rocks, and they do not inform many others of their existence or location. Perhaps they do this because the mass consciousness has not yet awakened to the consciousness of reverence for them, and therefore, they would not respect the land and the rocks, possibly even maltreating them. I personally believe it is wise to keep the mystery around these locations, for I have witnessed what has happened to other sacred places that receive many visitors such as Stonehenge and the temples of Greece and Egypt.

There is a saying that I will paraphrase : When the pupil is ready, the Master will appear. However, it could just as easily be phrased as: When the Master is ready, the pupil will appear. I believe that both phrasings apply , for I feel that the Mother is ready and she has called us all Home, and that some of us have heard her call. I am ready too! Divine Mother is lonely for us, and she wants us to rejoin her in un-separated consciousness once again. She tells me that just like the rock, we have been separated by a small crack, and that we have always been One, although it has seemed like separation to us in the third-dimensional world of polarities. Divine Mother tells me that it is time the heal the split between all areas....between science and spirituality, between men and women, between mind and body, between Time and Eterntiy, between species, between races, butt most importantly, between OURSELVES AND OUR EARTH. We can shift the Consensus Reality! It is now time to bridge the gap and to balance and integrate our own inner polarities and then reconnect to the consciousness of the One through our hearts. Sir Arthur Keith wrote, “The course of human history is determined not by what happens in the skies, but by what takes place in our hearts.”

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