Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Let's face it--most of us would like to receive more money, earn more money or have a windfall of money drop in our lap, except maybe if you're Buffet or Gates who seem to have plenty of it. Why not earn some moolah from your creativity and images? I am sharing two websites so you can cash in on some of those wild-'n-crazy videos that have been clogging up your closet or maybe you have a few amazing photos you took at that perfect moment. Both of these websites pay out for your images! So go get the monies tigers!

Break.com offers money for your videos and images. This is an hugely popular website, and their two top videos will make you laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. Even if you don't have anything to contribute right now to them, maybe these shorts videos will trigger you to grab your digital camcorder and get to work. The first one "Where The Hell is Matt?" is simply this dude dancing a goofy, happy dance all over the world--even under water. Watching this video makes you wonder how Matt makes it to so many exotic places. Did he clone himself? This video is a picker-upper with a great soundtrack, and it will surely put a big smile on your face... and maybe even inspire you.

The second most watched video is television commentator Connie Chung singing. This is her satirical goodbye send-up after the show that she and her husband had for many years, "Weekends with Maury and Connie" was cancelled. The title is "Connie Chung Sings!" She sings with the wackiness of the singing-impaired, hams- it -up in her Marlene Dietrich glamour dress on top of a grand piano, and finishs with a flourish. Bravo Connie! You are leaving in a fabulous, memorable way. With this grand gesture, I know you will thrive!

Now for the second website that pays you loot for your images: Lucky Oliver
With these folk you have an opportunity to make 50% royalty on each photo. Not bad! Of course, you want to submit your best ones as there is plenty of competition. For instance, I would NOT submit the image I have posted here, even though I rather like it for it's weird vibe. In case you can't make out exactly what it is, I'll tell you. It's a thriving vine growing up to my second-story window. I decided that this thriving vine would be perfect for today's posting. Now I have to run along and capture some images that will make me some money!

May you live long and thrive!

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