Sunday, July 30, 2006

What To Do Indoors On A Hot Summer Day

The summertime heat has many moving indoors to rooms with fans or air conditioning..that is, if the electricity is still working. So if you're one of those 'chillin' on a sweltering summer day and wondering what to do with yourself, check out the links below to contemplate.

Have you always wondered what you would do in a scary moment? Do a quick search on Popular Mechanics for the article on "The Worst Case Scenarios". These helpful tips are based on the book by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht and share the ways to survive-- even how to avoid alien abduction.

So your dream is to be in the movies? Check this out.

Last week I shared with you lots of information on sound healing. Here's more by Dr. Amen who wrote this article advising you to "Sing Whenever/Wherever You Can".

May You Live Long and Thrive!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sound Healing

For quite some time I have been experimenting with sound healing products believing there is a great deal of validity to the effects of sounds and frequencies upon our well being. I am including a list of the latest products I have encountered and am testing as well as a list of my golden oldies which I have experimented with and found to be of value. The photo above is of my very special wind chime outside the window.

The New Products These aren't new on the market, just new to me. Most of them I have linked on the sidebar should you wish to review and order.

1. Inspired Series by Paul Overman, Quantum Link
2. Intrasound Powder & Gel
3. Toning for Water Activation CD by Jeff Cozy and the Joytoners

The Already Tested Products

1. Insight CD
2. Tune Your Brain with Mozart
3. The Sacred Chorde by Stephen Halpren & Fabien Maman
4. DNA Activation set by Shapeshifter of Visionary Music
5. The Sounds of Source by Master Charles (Synchronicity Foundation)
6. Ohm Starter Set Tuning Forks by Acutonics
7. The Magic of Healing Music by Shining Star Productions
8. Healing Waters, also the Tao of Healing by Dean Evenson

This is by no means a complete list of all the products I've experimented with, but I offer this list to you as a good start to begin your own experimentation and/or healing.

May You Live Long and Thrive!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Feng Shui...Meet Vastu Shastra

I have studied feng shui (the Art of Placement) for many years. Feng shui is actually way more complex than this simple description for it is an enormous body of knowledge, especially Compass Feng Shui and all it's many offshoots. I still consider myself a novice and a humble student, even after all the books I've studied, the classes I've taken with feng shui masters, and my many experiences resulting from feng shui experiments.

Last year I was introduced to a book titled, "Altars of Power and Grace" by Robin and Michael Mastro. On the back cover, the authors tout, "Transform Your Life...Through the Sacred Power of Altars." Since I've always created multiple altars throughout our home, I was eager to experiment with this Indian method called Vastu Shastra. The authors stated that "Vastu, an ancient science from India, was the original teaching on which Feng Shui is based." This statement caught my attention being the perpetual student of Feng Shui that I am, and I promptly began erecting altars using the suggestions in the book.

To begin I made a beautiful Prosperity and Abundance Altar in the North section of our home against a wall near the door. Eventually I put together eight artistic altars per the book's directions. Our home now has an energetic mix of two sacred sciences: feng shui and vastu shastra! Would these two work together harmoniously for our well-being? Or would they cancel each other out? Thus far, the weaving hasn't produced any MAJOR disharmony, although we still have our share of the studies and experiments continue.

Being a big fan of Lillian Too, I often check up on updates at her various sites, discover new products, etc. The other day I checked out one, and there was an article on wealth. Underneath the title of wealth, I read, "Create Your Own Ship of Abundance." This sounded like fun, and so I went shopping for a decorative sailing vessel as pictured on the page. I looked everywhere, but alas, I couldn't find such a item until my daughter suggested a toy store. The toy store would be my last stop I told myself, and if I couldn't find a sailing ship there, I would give my creative urge a rest. Luckily for me with the successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie sequel doing great box-office, I discovered a selection of sailing ships merchandise. Carefully avoiding the ships offered for sale with cannons per the direction on, I selected a box of ships (a really good deal--for not only did the box contain 1 Bonus ship but 6 more wee ships) which I could put together and decorate with gemstones and other items suggested in the wealth article. Rather than purchase the pricey high-end ship offered for sale on the website and await my order in the mail, now I had 7 ships which cost me only $12.99 plus tax. I felt elated about my bargain until I accidentally crazy-glued my fingers to my wealth ship and had quite a challenge separating them!

After coming un-glued, I finally installed my loaded-down-with-gemstones-and-money feng shui sailing ship on my Vastu altar. I will shout it to the high heavens should the results of my latest experiment call forth my real-time wealth ship to sail in to our harbor!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

From the Vault: Memories of Tibetan People

On my last journey to the 'Roof of the World', I got to see the 'real' Tibet that very few visitors ever get to witness or experience. Because we were traveling with (the now departed) Lama Tenzin who was the main Lama and the head of the Maui Dharma Center, we were invited into private homes in Nepal. Many of these Tibetans were relatives of his or relatives of other Tibetans we knew back home on Maui. They were extremely hospitable, generous and kind to us. I would like to share some of the sweet memories of our meetings with these remarkable, resilient beings.

After arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal, a small group of our traveling party were invited to dinner one evening at the home of a relative of Lama Tenzin. This was the home where filmakers had filmed the award-winning art movie, "The Windhorse." So after dinner, the relatives showed the film to our group. All of the roles in the film were enacted by their friends and family members, even the roles of the villains, the Chinese. Quite a gathering of Tibetans had arrived that evening to celebrate our arrival and watch the film one more time, and though most of them couldn't speak English, their joy and laughter were contagious. As I sat there that evening laughing because everyone else was laughing and surrounded by happy Tibetans with full tummies watching this film about the atrocities that were still going on in Tibet, I had an huge 'download' about acceptance, family, survival and embracing the moment as mastered by these people.

Memory from another experience: I was invited into a hotel room in Lhasa where Tibetan relatives had bicycled-in the most amazing feast of momos and other Tibetan dishes, many of them made from yak. They kept insisting we eat more, more! Their desire to feed us touched me deeply! Then they gifted my partner with many beautiful items because they wanted to thank him for having given their brother a job when he desperately needed one on Maui.

Foreigners are still a huge curiosity in many of the back road places we stopped. The children shyly stared at us everywhere we went. At one school where we stopped to hand out pencils and observe the children in their school-world, we were surprised to witness how well-behaved they were, and even though we must have looked like we dropped down from another planet, they continued reciting out-loud their school work in sing-song fashion while us westerners gazed upon them with wonderment.

On another occasion we watched an old abbot move our extra-bright flashlight along the crumbling old walls of Samye Monastery which allowed us to see the ancient walls where historical and religious stories had been painted as murals. Lama Tenzin was studying some aspect of esoteric wisdom, and we were lucky enough to view these rarely seen murals which for the most part are hidden away in the gloom of the dimly lit, smoke-filled monastery. We gifted the abbot with this special light, and his smile lit up our hearts.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dropping Knowledge

I recently was introduced to a very interesting concept by Blog Explosion. Dropping Knowledge requests you to submit a question. Here's what they have to say on their site," Asking questions is fundamental to the practice of dropping knowledge. There is no better way to initiate a dialog than with a question, no better way to challenge conventional thinking, discover new viewpoints and stimulate fresh ideas." What a great idea! This organization has initiated what they call a "an international 'ask yourself' outreach campaign, encouraging individuals, communities and organizations around the globe to raise the questions that matter to them and donate these to our website." So I asked my question last week, and now I hope someone votes for my question. You can find my question under Animal Rights. I would like my question to make it to the front page of "Top Rated Questions". My question is on the second page of Animal Rights about half way down. If you look for Kuanyin's question and vote for my question, I would be most grateful. I believe my question addresses an enormous blindspot that many (not all!) humans have and don't even realize they have because they have been conditioned to think otherwise. However, with that said, MOST of the questions I've viewed on this site are great questions for we live in a critical time on Terra (as I like to call Mother Earth), and I see many questions that speak to this crisis and to matters of grave urgency.

Dropping Knowledge writes, "dropping knowledge is a global initiative to turn apathy into activity." Let's all get into this wonderful exchange, submit our questions, vote for other questions and leap like a joyous dolphin with activity!