Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dropping Knowledge

I recently was introduced to a very interesting concept by Blog Explosion. Dropping Knowledge requests you to submit a question. Here's what they have to say on their site," Asking questions is fundamental to the practice of dropping knowledge. There is no better way to initiate a dialog than with a question, no better way to challenge conventional thinking, discover new viewpoints and stimulate fresh ideas." What a great idea! This organization has initiated what they call a "an international 'ask yourself' outreach campaign, encouraging individuals, communities and organizations around the globe to raise the questions that matter to them and donate these to our website." So I asked my question last week, and now I hope someone votes for my question. You can find my question under Animal Rights. I would like my question to make it to the front page of "Top Rated Questions". My question is on the second page of Animal Rights about half way down. If you look for Kuanyin's question and vote for my question, I would be most grateful. I believe my question addresses an enormous blindspot that many (not all!) humans have and don't even realize they have because they have been conditioned to think otherwise. However, with that said, MOST of the questions I've viewed on this site are great questions for we live in a critical time on Terra (as I like to call Mother Earth), and I see many questions that speak to this crisis and to matters of grave urgency.

Dropping Knowledge writes, "dropping knowledge is a global initiative to turn apathy into activity." Let's all get into this wonderful exchange, submit our questions, vote for other questions and leap like a joyous dolphin with activity!

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