Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sound Healing

For quite some time I have been experimenting with sound healing products believing there is a great deal of validity to the effects of sounds and frequencies upon our well being. I am including a list of the latest products I have encountered and am testing as well as a list of my golden oldies which I have experimented with and found to be of value. The photo above is of my very special wind chime outside the window.

The New Products These aren't new on the market, just new to me. Most of them I have linked on the sidebar should you wish to review and order.

1. Inspired Series by Paul Overman, Quantum Link
2. Intrasound Powder & Gel
3. Toning for Water Activation CD by Jeff Cozy and the Joytoners

The Already Tested Products

1. Insight CD
2. Tune Your Brain with Mozart
3. The Sacred Chorde by Stephen Halpren & Fabien Maman
4. DNA Activation set by Shapeshifter of Visionary Music
5. The Sounds of Source by Master Charles (Synchronicity Foundation)
6. Ohm Starter Set Tuning Forks by Acutonics
7. The Magic of Healing Music by Shining Star Productions
8. Healing Waters, also the Tao of Healing by Dean Evenson

This is by no means a complete list of all the products I've experimented with, but I offer this list to you as a good start to begin your own experimentation and/or healing.

May You Live Long and Thrive!

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