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Divine Mother....from the Archives

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Journey To The Beloved

A number of years ago I attended a re-birthing workshop with Sondra Ray. Sondra is considered by many to be one of the early pioneers and authorities of this technique. She had spent many years studying in India with a man who claimed to be the latest embodiment of Babaji, and through the years studying with him, she had become an ardent devotee of Divine Mother. On the final day of the workshop, she created a puja with an invocation to Divine Mother. Each of the workshop attendees were provided with a bag of flower petals and a piece of paper that listed the 108 names of Divine Mother. With each name called-out, we threw flower petals towards the direction of the beautiful altar which had numerous statues of many forms of Divine Mother, candles and other sacred objects. The total invocation lasted perhaps thirty minutes.

After completing the invocation, we were told to make a bed on the floor to lie upon and begin our final re-birthing exercise. For those who aren’t familiar with re-birthing, let me share with you: it is a special breathing process which alters your consciousness. Quite often emotional issues which have long been buried within the psyche surface to be expressed and released. Thus the technique clears the nervous system, and from my multiple experiences using this modality through the years, I have received immense benefits from it. Re-birthing can be done in groups (as ours was that day), or it can be done individually. Facilitators of this technique attend you, and they encourage you to keep breathing and keep going, whispering in your ear, and nurturing you through the often times emotionally charged experience.

On this occasion, and perhaps because of the invocation to Divine Mother, I had an amazing visitation/merging with Divine Mother. She had been successfully invoked for me, and even as I write this many years later, I have chicken skin! In my altered state I could sense Her Presence moving through the room. The love was palpable, and Her extraordinary loving, unconditional loving essence filled the room. I cried buckets of bhakti tears (tears of joy) and merged with Her. The download I received was that She was merging with every person in the room, and that She had never left any of us for she was everything and everyone. She said that when I opened my eyes, I would see Her everywhere.

Thus it was when I eventually began to come back into my body, I opened my eyes, rolled over to look at my neighbour re-birther (who had been a total stranger to me when we had laid down on the floor), and I saw Divine Mother looking back at me. Even though I had been told by Divine Mother this was to be, the 3-D experience of actually experiencing Her eyes in the eyes of another person blew me away. I began crying again. And the experience continued as I walked around the room! Divine Mother kept gazing at me through the eyes of one and all. To say this experience was a turning point in my life would be putting it mildly! Even though I was still in a somewhat altered state, the experience of Divine Mother in all went far beyond the intellectual comprehension of God/Goddess within us all. Many philosophers have speculated upon the 'shattered mirror' concept which is: everyone and everything are shards of this same being which was shattered-- perhaps for the experience of exploring the adventure of duality or perhaps because of a cosmic catastrophe or for other more diabolical reasons. In any event, many people throughout history have had outrageous experiences where they remembered unity and reunited with Oneness. This experience is sometimes termed Cosmic Consciousness. This experience inevitably changes a life, as it did mine (once again) that day. Since that time, I have had other experiences of remembering unity and Divine Mother. Two years later, I wrote about another life altering personal experience and revelation I titled “Precious Precious.” As it is so easy to do, I fell back to 'sleep' and fell back into the separation game. Falling asleep and/or remaining 'asleep' is where most of us habitually 'live'.

FAST FORWARD: I am on a train traveling to Machu Picchu, Peru in the summer of 2000. The train is packed with a cross-section of people: backpackers on their way to trek the Inca Trail to the fabled Crystal City of Machu Picchu, Peruvians, and international tourists enroute to multiple destinations.

My emotional self was troubled, and I was attempting to process specific, disturbing experiences. Across from me sat an attractive mother and daughter who spoke only Spanish, and since my Spanish was limited, I didn't communicate very much, nor was I eager to as I wanted to be left alone with my thoughts. The Mother and I smiled at each other whenever our eyes met.

As the train moved into a warmer climate, people began shedding their layers of sweaters which had provided warmth for chilly Cuzco, the city we had recently departed. As mentioned earlier, I was dealing with emotional issues, and as I was doing so, I prayed to Divine Mother to help me. I noticed the friendly Mother had taken off her multiple sweaters to reveal a bright green t-shirt that read (in double!) Precious-Precious! My mouth flew open, and I began giggling about this synchronicity. This was my 'aha' moment, for the message on the t-shirt was my response from Divine Mother related to my prior experience with "Precious-Precious".

I gazed into the Mother's eyes, and once again, I saw Divine Mother looking back at me with such amazing compassion and love that words can not come close to describe. Once again, bhakti tears of joy streamed down my face. I remembered Unity and remembered there is Only Love and all else is illusion. For the remainder of the three-week pilgrimage, I was whole and One-Self.

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Lovely story! Thank you for sharing it with us.