Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Healthy Food For Babies

Knowing what junk and toxic substances are in mass-produced food in America, it's heartening to read that Homemade Baby in Los Angeles is producing homemade baby food that is freshly prepared, nutritious and certified organic.This company delivers to homes in the Los Angeles area, ships to Las Vegas and has it's own Tasting Room where babies can sample free food. I discovered this wonderful resource on the blog Rookie Moms, a blog by Los Angeles Mom's Heather and Whitney. They have come up with one activity a day to challenge them and try something new. In the process, they discover healthy resources and fun things for mommies and babies to do together.

When I was a young mother (many a moon ago), I always prepared my own fresh nutritious baby food and never used Gerbers baby food or packaged, prepared baby foods. I used a simple food-grinder which allowed me to easily

grind food to the right consistency. As well as grinding, I juiced carrots, fruits and vegetables, and thus, I introduced children to healthy eating from the get-go. It's my belief that if chidlren's tastes get accustomed early to nutritious, healthy food (as compared to candy and junk food), they have a head start on leading healthier lives.

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