Thursday, August 10, 2006

Image Wars

It's very clear to me that the 21st century wars are fought as much with images as with explosives, guns and other lethal weapons. Yes, Image Wars are now the name of the game for images have penetrated to the core of our society through media. There's probably no place on earth where images are not making their presence felt. Images are utilized for propaganda, marketing, publicity and politics. There recently was a major news article about faked photos in the latest Mideast conflict between Israel and Lebanon. The reason for these photos: The Image Wars. How does one sort- through all the hype and images of the Matrix? How can one not buy-into this manufactured reality? How do we free ourselves and others from being 'sucked-in' by images? These are profound questions we need to consider.

In certain high profile areas such as glamourous Los Angeles, for instance, where Image Is King, stepping into this image-conscious-world from the mommy-world is an eye-opener for the blogging-mommy of Fish and Family. Thus, I read her latest posting on Fish and Family where like Alice in Wonderland she steps into the alternate universe of the rich, famous, beautiful, trendy, and celebrated as she travels to the sophisticated shopping mall called The Grove. This alternate-Grove-world is promoting the curent HOT images in the Image Wars and comes complete with the paparazzi stalking the celebrity shoppers and a television show being filmed about the ultra-celeb Beyonce by Tara Banks. How does a Mom living in another reality with small children meet & cope with this world? Read her post to understand her reflections.

Article from the New York Times "An Impressionable Age" to consider.

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