Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Keep On Shining

Oftentimes we (and this includes me!) take people, objects and very special things for granted, and we forget to share them. I realized this today in regards to my sharing of an extremely uplifting, inspirational and free online movie. Perhaps others may not have discovered this movie or had someone forward it on to them I considered. Perhaps it was time I shared this movie...a no-brainer!

Thus it is that I am bringing this shining movie to your attention. It's called Light Movie Don't let the simple title fool you for this is a profound movie--short and to the point. It was created by Mary Robinson Reynolds, and I've been inspired by her for some time as I long ago joined her mailing list and receive her newsletter.

Here are a few quotes from the movie that I really adore:

"You don't need the world's permission to shine the light on the dark."

"Light is injured by nothing."

And the theme of the movie: "Just Shine Your Light."

May you live long, shine your light and thrive!

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Anonymous said...

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