Thursday, August 03, 2006

Motivating Moms To Move

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I always have to laugh when I read the answers which so many thin women celebrities with children respond with when interviewed about their slender (or even skinny) figures. These answers are generic and nearly identical, and they read something like this: "I am always running after my children. They keep me in shape." You must have read these responses and wondered WHY is it their children keep them in such good shape whereas your own children don't! Hmmmmm...... What is their secret to being so slender and fit?

We may never know unless we become a fly on a wall in their homes, BUT Sarah Zeldman of Solutions For Busy Moms has come up with a great solution in her August 1st posting on her blog. And it's as simple as this: Motivation is delivered right to your computer! Sarah suggests a podcast called Motivation To Move which helps her and others to follow through on their exercise resolve.

Exercise may be on many of our "To Do" lists, but somehow other things children, family, phone calls, must-do errands, and...well, if your lists are like mine, they are long ones! I get great satisfaction on marking through them as I accomplish each one, and then I throw the list away! Done! However, if all-out exercise is on this list, this is the one task that often gets shoved aside by me because of matters of higher priority even though I know HOW VERY IMPORTANT exercise is for health and well-being.

Sarah is a Life and Business Coach, and so she knows how to find ways to inspire people and keep them on purpose. This is a great suggestion she made--a coach called Scott who motivates you admidst all the distractions. I haven't tried it yet, though I am adding this suggestion to a list.

My girlfriend G. recently gifted me a two-week pass to her gym which I will be forced to follow through on because how can I turn down a gift? G. is a bona-fide 'gym rat' and keeps in great shape. One of the classes she is enrolled in at the gym is a "How To Strip" class, and so come next Monday, I will be peeling off several layers of work-out clothes to disco music under the tutelage of a strip teacher and a full-on stripping, rocking-out class. Gulp! Talk about motivation to work-out before I even attend this class!

Since we have a lot of fresh delicious pineapple here in the Hawaiian Islands, my plan is to eat a lot of pineapple chunks. Pineapple is known to be a great cleanse and helps one to loose weight. Some of my other get-fit- before -Monday- resolutions: take a long beach walk this weekend; use my in-home treadmill and elliptical machine; and get down on the floor with my chi machine to move my chi. I purchased this chi machine many years ago, and it still works perfectly. Everyone I know that has a chi machine or has tried mine loves the relaxing feeling it brings as their body undulates back and forth. Some people say it helps them to loose weight too, even though they are just lying down and undulating. This may indeed be the perfect solution for a frazzled Mom after chasing the kids around, exercising and taking care of business!

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Chief Scientist said...

I know the answer. The celebrity moms have fitness trainers, chefs and, most importantly, a nanny to look after the kids while they lose the weight.