Thursday, August 17, 2006

Passion AND Purpose

About a year ago I signed up for one of the free teleseminars that I'm constantly being offered through email. This teleseminar was with Jack Canfield, the well known self-help guru, coach and author of many books including the ultra-successful series Chicken Soup For The Soul. At the time I signed on for this teleseminar, I needed some pumping-up, inspiration and direction. And Jack really delivered! No wonder he has been so successful at coaching and writing. He knows his stuff.

One of the tools I received from listening in to this teleseminar was this: write down twenty one (21) goals you have on index cards and read them consistently for twenty one days. Apparently there has been scientific research that proves this technique works to successfully alter your thinking/programming. Since first employing this technique, I have experienced wonderful changes in myself and in my outer world. I highly recommend it. Reading these cards before going to sleep is especially powerful as the information goes with you to your unconscious where most change begins.

Self-help books abound in my home, and I am drawn to those with tips and ways to improve myself. Of course, I subscribe to many online newsletters of this ilk as well, and I have discovered a new website Passion Meets Purpose through the Blog Jolt group of which I have now signed up for her newsletter. Hey, what can I say, but I love to be inspired by those that have it going on. And certainly Coach Kammie does!

In Kammie's last posting on her Passion Meets Purpose blog, she asks three questions, and so I am going to answer them here. First, Kammie asks, "What inspired action steps are you taking to follow your own brick road?" Second question: "What tools do you need to get on track?" Third questions, "What could you do today to step more fully into YOU?

And the answers are: #1. I am staying focused on creating new blogs and my writing. I created two more blogs this week, and some may say that my blogging has become excessive, but so far, I find that with each new blog, a different part of me finds expression. Creating blogs and hooking up with others online brings me so much joy. My new blog titled Wailea Daily Photo is allowing me to see the many cities of the world through the eyes of multiple photographers. Even though I am certainly not a professional photographer and have zero desire to become one, I have a passion for photography and marvel at gorgeous photos by others. With this new blog, I am now linked up to all these marvelous photographers--how khool is that?!

The answer to question #2 is: I could use a digital camera with more megapixels, at least eight. Thus, I am shopping online and comparing prices of various digital cameras. Having a camera with more pixels would allow me to do a lot more things and submit photos to certain online sites that require a higher megapixel.

And finally the answer to question #3 is: When I speak to others, I am not going to hold back anything. I will speak from my authentic self and feel unfraid of how someone else might perceive my remarks or chosen words. I will be the most honest me I can be in any given moment, and especially with myself. There's an expression which is very popular and for a good reason. It is, "Get Real!" There is something fabulous about a person who is authentic, transparent, and with zero agenda for people pleasing that appeals to others. And so it is! And so it will be! And so it is me!

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Kammie said...


Thanks so much for the beautiful post! I am happy to see that you used the 3 questions as an exercise to get more clear on where you're at with achieving your dreams. You go girl! And thanks for subscribing to the issue out in a couple days.
Be well,