Saturday, September 02, 2006

Health News Of The Week

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Every week I am going to post a news roundup of what I consider the top news of the week as pertaining to health, thriving and the well-being of the world. Here are my top three stories for this week.

Note: I will be absent for three weeks from this blog. However, I encourage you to come on in and pour yourself a nice mug of herbal tea , read from the archives and explore the links and information on the sidebar. When I return, I will offer you health & healing news from my travels and an awesome guest poster or two who are in the health and healing fields.

First Story:

AMA Admits No Studies Were Done on Fluoride Side Effects

Second story:

Anger Tough On The Lungs

Third Story:

Conspiracists Allege U.S. Seizing Vast S. American Reservoir

May You Live Long and Thrive!

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