Friday, September 29, 2006

Horses & Bodywork

I have recently returned from a three week vacation to the Mainland which I blogged about on Travelpod titled Aquamarine travels to the Manic Mainland or something like that! If you want to read about football, relatives, Texas, Ohio, Lily Dale and Niagra Falls, this travel blog may offer something of interest.

One of the best experiences I briefly mentioned on this blog was my encounter with Beth Crose who is an extraordinary woman who works with alternative methods with horses using a combination of bodywork. Her company is called Collective Energy Therapies. On her brochure, she writes, "Horse, Rider & Companion Animal Bodywork for health & well-being." Some of the alternative therapies she offers are, "Myofascial Release, Equine Chiropractic Consultation, Saddle Fitting Analysis, Thermal Imaging Photography, Reiki/Energy Balancing, CranioSacral & Gemstone Therapies." She has been written up in many periodicals and is slowly gaining acclaim for her work with horses.

Although we didn't get to experience her using all these therapies, we did get to experience and participate in something of a miracle, or maybe you could just call it speed-healing. This is in Beth's own words what happened to her filly, Shaylee, right before our visit:

"Here's a little more info on Shaylee's injury if you want it for your blog. She went through the fence some time during the night on the saturday before Labor Day. She was found running the gate in the wrong pasture on sunday morning. Injuries at that time were only superficial & based on their location I surmised she had gone through a corner because of the erratic wound pattern on her hind legs. The only thing I could come up was the tensioners on the 5 strand fence & the hematoma on the chest was caused by the post or turnbuckle for the corner. The swelling went from the size of a grapefruit sunday evening to the size of a basketball by monday morning w/ swelling in to both of her knees, fetlock & ventral surface on the right side of her body. The vet was contacted & advised tetanus shot & cold water therapy for the swelling since there were no open wounds or apparent lameness. He also advised to contact him if things progressed. By monday night the swelling stopped & started to subside in the chest by tuesday; the knees & fetlock regained normalcy by wednesday afternoon. Friday morning I saw her scratch her chest & noted a gaping whole (golf ball size at least) w/ a multi-layered appearance. The vet was summoned & exploratory measures were taken to check the heart, lungs & esophagus prior to creating a drain hole in the lowest part of the skin where it was still attached to the muscle. Gauze soaked in Scarlet Oil was used to pack the opening w/ instructions to repack the wound every 3-4 days (as long as the skin flap held). Saturday morning I was greeted @ the stall door w/ an even bigger gaping hole & about 40' of gauze laying about the stall (where was the mummy associated w/ all this). The vet was contacted for further instruction on the hole about a few sizes larger than a personal pizza from Pizza Hut, where both muscles of the brisket & ventral surface could be viewed. I've been flushing the area w/ a saline & iodine solution prepared by the vet, followed by Schreiner's herbal solution & administering SMZ tabs 2x / day (she will be on antibiotics until the wound is closed). I've been spending time each day using the ZEB, Reiki or Distance Work. Today (9/26) the exterior size of the hole is about golf ball size w/ the inside about the size of a thumb print. I really feel that the healing work done the day that you & Bob were here, plus the Blessings received from the folks in Lily Dale were significant to her recovery. And for Pete's sake, she's had a growth spurt during all of this because now her hind end is jacked up in the air over her withers again!"

So here's what we discovered when we arrived, not knowing anything like this was going on to the extent that we experienced: Bob (my partner) and I went into the stall with Beth, Shaylee and her Mother, and we see this gaping wound in the chest of this darling filly. Shaylee's legs were trembling, and of course, Beth is concerned, even though she is gifted with remarkable healing abilities! She was using a tool invented by a friend of hers on Shaylee to promote faster closure of the wound, so both Bob and I took turns using this tool on Shaylee as well as doing our own 'non-structured' forms of healing. Our hearts went out to all of them: Beth, Shaylee and Shaylee's Mom!

The tool which Beth was using is called ZEB technology, and you can read more about the company and their products here. I tried this tool on my elbow, and it really helped ease the pain in my left elbow.

To make a long story short because I have to run and take care of some pressing business and shorten this posting is: Shaylee's wound is almost completely closed and healed! We had the great good fortune to participate in and experience an awesome event.

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