Monday, October 30, 2006

Surrogate Tapping

Art Courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

For many years I have been using the energy technique called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. I have this organization linked on my sidebar because I believe it to be an invaluable tool for well-being. I use it often, and I tout it to everyone who will listen. As an ardent supporter of EFT, I also receive the weekly updates in my email box from the founder and developer of EFT, Gary Craig. This newsletter update has the most interesting articles. The article that really excited me was part of the newsletter which came in yesterday. It was titled, "Stunning surrogate use of EFT during the world's largest timed cycle race".

I will give you a brief synopsis because I can't get the link to download. The possibilities which come to mind with surrogate tapping are mind blowing. Basically what surrogate tapping proves is we REALLY CAN HELP EACH OTHER--we are connected!

Let me back up a bit for those unfamiliar with tapping. Like the article states, "Tapping may seem quite strange....even uninformed skeptics. However, the reports are far too numerous to ignore and THIS report (below) by Madelein Walker from South Africa (referring to the article I have linked above) is flat out stunning. If you haven't tried Surrogate EFT before, this article should give you the motivation to do so."

For those that don't understand even now, let me spell it out for you. You tap on yourself--on your own body--for someone else. During this Argus race, the biggest timed cycle race in the world with about 36,000 cyclists doing the challenge, other EFT people were tapping for the cyclists. The EFT tappers were rather far away (1,400km's), but the EFT magic prevailed anyway, and the cyclists received assistance with their painful quadriceps, positive mental attitude, high energy levels and lack of runny nose! And all because of a far-distant EFT surrogate tapping away! Yes!!!

Here are some books to consider reading about Energy Medicine, the wave of the future:

"The Unmistakeable Touch of Grace" by Cheryl Richardson
"The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton
"The Promise of Energy Psychology" by Donna Eden
"Your Hands Can Heal You" by Eric Robbins

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Art Anchoring

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." Henry David Thoreau

It's my sense that everyone needs to carve out a corner or a space from their dwelling that is their OWN, be it a work/hobby area or sanctuary. I did so this past year, and the photo is part of my OWN little corner where I keep art supplies, files, magazines, and many projects in process. My inspiration was a book I purchased titled "Where Women Create...Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women" by Jo Packham.

Jo writes in the overleaf, "Creativity comes from the heart and soul, but where you work can either interfere with or inspire the artistic process. For some, it may mean claiming a little nook in the family room. For others, it's important to set up a studio in order to start a business. Whatever your size limitations, you can carve out a space dedicated to making your dreams come true."

Leafing through this book with its amazing photos and text of 20 talented women artists who have created their own magical art spaces inspired me so much that I went to work. I dragged a heavy table from one room all by myself, collated all my art supplies and items,found stackable containers and baskets, added sentimental items, then organized everything and voila!, my OWN ART SPACE. I felt so much better as if the creative buzz inside was now outpictured! Try works!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Soul Sanctuary

Reading the recent posting titled "What Make A House A Home" on the blog Your Elegant Bed and Bath, I resonated with what Sharon wrote. Since I am a 'homebody', 'nester', and a born pillow fluffer extraordinaire, I would like to add to what she wrote. Having lived in many places and having had many homes both with money to spend on interior design and without money to spend, I have some experience with this topic. Money is not the key ingredient in turning a house into a home.

Sharon writes, "I think we need to surround ourselves with things that are important to us, that have an emotional resonance." Agreed! It's the little chachtkas, treasures from family and friends, and our own artistic flourish which make a house a home. This is what we are looking for when we decorate--the soul connection.

And here's how this 'soul-connection' plays out in my home:

a specific incense and a specific aromatherapy blend from a diffuser
framed photos of loved ones and awakened beings
live bamboo and orchid plants
books in every room
an earthy color scheme
wind chimes and mobiles outside the windows
exotic furnishings and items collected from all over the world
beautifully crafted items like quilts made by Mothers

gifts from beloved others such as the mermaid witch pillow given to me by my daughter for my 2006 Halloween gift

lots of candles, pillows and music

And last, but not least, MAGNETS on the fridge! As tacky as some might say this it, I trust that a house is a soulful home when I see the fridge magnets!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Knowing When to Choose Your Medicine

Photo: Charles Pfeil

Having had bursitis in my left elbow for several months and seeing it grow to the size of a small ping-pong ball, I have been researching and weighing my options. What to do? I ordered a specific homeopathic remedy which still hasn't arrived by mail, and have been nursing the elbow with homeopathic creams and homeopathic inflammation remedies. Zero success. So today I bit the bullet and went to the regular doctor.

I happen to really adore my "regular" medical doctor. He's a good man and a fine doctor, maybe even a great doctor. However, I don't pay that many visits to much so that when he sees me, he knows I have concern over a health issue. He works for a large HMO, and even though he could probably have made much more moolah working out of this arena, he has chosen to stay with Kaiser. I met him years ago and recognized a kindred spirit-- a being who has ideals, ethics and integrity. Money wasn't what motivated him. So when he moved to another location on Maui, I moved with him. He was a doctor whom I appreciated, honored and trusted. That means a lot to me.

Today he had to do the 'painful' thing (which I had already researched on the net and knew there would be some pain involved!), and he stuck the big fat needle in me to suck out the yukky stuff from my inflammed elbow. Bursitis is what he called it. Tennis elbow. A funny looking nob on my elbow is what it looked like, and I knew I couldn't wait any longer for a homeopathy solution for I needed a doctor quick-fix. After he drained all the stuff out, he gave me a shot of cortisone? Well, it was something like that. I felt a lot bettah immediately knowing all the blood and cells and water and whatever was in my inflammed elbow was gone!

The point of this post: it's a balancing act in knowing which type of medicine to use at any moment, and sometimes we have to choose one or the other because of timing. There's a saying that goes: It's All Good! We live at a time in history where we have so many choices as to how to receive treatment for our health issues. It's best when we can tune-in and know which one is right for us in the moment.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fountain of Youth

I discovered an interesting new site titled Earth Clinic. If you look younger than your age, you can share your secret(s) with their readers on their Fountain of Youth segment on their sidebar. Reading these home remedies and youngering techniques, remedies and practices, I was struck with how the Fountain of Youth thoughtform/paradigm has been part of our programming on Earth for a long, long time. It's almost as if we intuitively feel/know that we were originally designed to live for a lot longer than we do.

And yet, we age! Some of us do it slower, and some of us age faster. What are YOUR secrets? You can comment below if you wish to share.

I'll share with some of my personal & proven anti-aging theories:

Laugh often! Live in the present moment! Love even when it hurts!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Balance in Our Lives

I read a posting which shared words of wisdom we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Written by Holly of HollysCorner , this posting addresses the matter of balance. It is titled, "Simple Balance, Technology and Resources". In this posting, Holly lists THREE important methods to attain and maintain this balance: "We prioritze. We prepare. We live." And in those six words, she captured the essence of the balancing act we all need to execute every day.

She also recommends GMail, and I'm with you there Holly! GMail is the best email system I have used, and I have danced with them all! :-) With GMail, you have a lot of storage space, ability to archive, great spam protection and an email dialogue is all tied together in some miraculous, technological fashion. I love it! Plus I understand (even though I have yet to put it into action because I already have plenty of blogs), Google offers you a free site if you have GMail. Thank you Google!

Holly addresses technology, and writes, "These pastimes aren't just hollow time fillers."
She then elaborates on this subject, and once again, I am in total agreement with her. We have all been blessed by the new technologies for communication. These technologies assist us in streamlining our busy lives, facilitating new friendships, maintaining old ones and making our lives easier in umpteen ways.

I am reminded of the Star Wars line about using the Force. Technology can assist us to achieve our goals and enrich our lives if we use it with simple balance, but if we abuse the technology, it can destablize us and throw us off balance. What's it going to be? Remember to use Holly's six words of wisdom, and balance will be restored.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Magic of Creation

I would be remiss if I didn't post about the event which is supposed to happen tomorrow on Oct. 17th. Here is the website called Mission 1017 about the wave of ultra violent beam which will be impacting us. You can read more information here at the Great Dreams website which explains how the crop circles portend this event. On the Mission 1017 website, there is also a mailing list you can add your email address to if you want to keep informed of the latest updates.

This is The Day to create and manifest your dreams. Our Sun aligns with Spica and Arcturus tomorrow. Venus and Mars join in the fun. The energies have been building. Can you feel them?

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Reflections On Being A Stay-At-Home-Mom

Photo: Courtesy of Josephine Wall

Reading the blog Bebestages sparked a memory of when I was in this blogger's (Liz Smith) bebe stage. She writes in her posting titled "Is 3 really better than 1 or 2?","Never in a million years did I think I would be doing this for a living. I worked in a huge company, had long hours and loved what I did. When I decided to stay home, my whole world changed and life turned around."

Oh, do I ever remember that time in my life when I did the 180 flip! Here are some of my reflections on that time in my life to share: I was a driven, ambitious non-desirous-of-children career woman. I had been that way for a long time, and I had zero desire to become pregnant and be a stay-at-home-mom. In truth, I was rebelling against what each parent wished for me, and therein was the conflict. My Father wished for me to be a stay-at-home Mom, and my Mother wished me to be a career woman as she had been. I lived with the conflict of their wishes for most of my young adult life until I became pregnant. I continued working throughout my pregnancy because I had my own business and loved it. I didn't want to let pregnancy slow me down. And I didn't!

However, there was another surprise for me I hadn't seen coming. A week after returning home with my child from the hospital, the Mother-in-Law comes to visit her new grandchild. We have a special bed set up for her in the nursery. She is pleased Jewish Grandmother, and life was going to be back to normal. I was planning to return to work with nanny help.

I received a knock on our bedroom door in the middle of the night. It was the Grandmother. She had seen a bright light flash across the room which had awoken her, and so she had gone to check on my daughter. She sensed something was wrong and looked at my daughter's coloration, and my daughter was ghostly white. She had my daughter in her arms when she knocked on the door. The Grandmother's expression said it all.

Taking one look at my daughter's condition and seeing that she was to weak to take my breast, I went into action. The rest is something of a blur because time was of the essence, and all of us were in a state of shock. In short, my daughter was checked into the hospital by a doctor other than the one I had, and she was diagnosed with a severe case of spinal meningitis. and not expected to live very long. However, since I was ALSO working with a group of healers in the area where we lived at that time, I called them into action, and they made regular visits to the hospital room where my daughter lay. Each healer worked in their own way.

The doctors kept saying that my daughter most likely wouldn't survive and that if she
did survive, she would be a vegetable. Of course, I was deal-making with God. "If you let my daughter live, then...." You know how that goes! The amazing healers kept telling me that she would survive and grow up to be a healthy, bright, vivacious child. (I thanked them then, and I thank them again now wherever they be) Well, guess who was right? Yes, my daughter is now in her thirties, and she is an amazing woman. It's not just her Mother that says that either! Most people are blown away by her beauty, wisdom and charisma. She is a animal and child magnet too.

But back to the story: so this is how I became a stay-at-home-mom. The doctors told me she was a "Miracle Child", and that I had best watch over her personally in the ensuing years because sometimes the menigitis returns. I had a choice, and it was an easy one at this point. I have never regretted it, nor looked back. Staying home with my daughter and spending time with her as she grew up was a treasure I gave myself.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tribute to My Grandfather

I read a posting by Lynn on her blog Adornments by Lynn on which she wrote in part, "...memories of my own wonderful grandfather came rushing back.... sitting on his porch swing at night to hear the tree frogs and crickets and the tree leaves rustling in the breeze." And memories of MY OWN wonderful grandfather came rushing back too because I did the same thing with my grandfather.

I've never written a tribute to my grandfather before, so I thought why not now? Why not on this blog because this blog is dedicated to the Art of Living and Dying? Where would I find a more perfect venue for writing about the life and death of my own grandfather? Mahalo Nui Loa Lynn for being my muse in this regard.

Memories of departed beloveds are varied, but for my grandfather, I have ONLY pleasant, loving memories. I will share some of mine with you. Maybe they will trigger some memories of your own grandfather as Lynn's memories did for me.

First of all, his name was William. He loved his ancient family Bible, and in this Bible, there were names of ancestors that came before him....going way, way back. This Bible had been brought over with the immigrants from England when they came to America, and he was the inheritor of this family treasure. He loved this Bible, and he would sit in his old rocking chair and read it every day. It was from him that I learned how to get an answer to a question about life. Just open the Bible randomly and read whatever passage your eye lands on. I don't know if he inherited this means of divination from his ancestors or if he just did it on his own for I never asked him. When you are a child, you accept so many things just because they are.

William loved to bake oatmeal cookies for us, his grandchildren, and he made the best, goo-iest oatmeal cookies in the world. I always wanted one when they were steaming out of the oven and still forming---before they got hard. That was when they were the best, and he would allow me to have one, even though it might be very hot and burn my fingers. This is one of the great things I remember about him: he was very allowing, not so strict as my Mother, and he had such a soft, nurturing quality to him.

Perhaps he had developed this nurturing quality through the many years my Grandmother had been bedridden with Parkinson's Disease, and he was the one to tend to her. No one else could lift her heavy body to move it from side to side, and so it was him who took care of her the many long years she was bedridden before crossing over. He loved her so very much. I can still remember how gently and carefully he would lift her to make her comfortable on her other side and plump the pillows around her just so. She was the love of his life, the Mother of his seven children and a great deal younger than him--nearly twenty. Or was it thirty? I guess I'll never know as my Mother never wanted to speak much about him after his passing, and I don't know who inherited the Bible or the famous rocker although I remember that there was a great battle for both amongst my Mother's relatives.

William was loving and kind to me, and as a farmer and an earthy man, he introduced me to his world: milking cows (for which he had a bum knee from being kicked once by a cow), gathering eggs from the chicken coop, listening to the sounds coming from seashells when they were put to the ear, seeding the ground and harvesting. Most of all, I loved to swing with him on his front porch swing...snuggled in his arms and listening to the sounds of Nature made my young life bearable. Mahalo Nui Loa Grandfather for the memories!

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