Thursday, October 19, 2006

Balance in Our Lives

I read a posting which shared words of wisdom we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Written by Holly of HollysCorner , this posting addresses the matter of balance. It is titled, "Simple Balance, Technology and Resources". In this posting, Holly lists THREE important methods to attain and maintain this balance: "We prioritze. We prepare. We live." And in those six words, she captured the essence of the balancing act we all need to execute every day.

She also recommends GMail, and I'm with you there Holly! GMail is the best email system I have used, and I have danced with them all! :-) With GMail, you have a lot of storage space, ability to archive, great spam protection and an email dialogue is all tied together in some miraculous, technological fashion. I love it! Plus I understand (even though I have yet to put it into action because I already have plenty of blogs), Google offers you a free site if you have GMail. Thank you Google!

Holly addresses technology, and writes, "These pastimes aren't just hollow time fillers."
She then elaborates on this subject, and once again, I am in total agreement with her. We have all been blessed by the new technologies for communication. These technologies assist us in streamlining our busy lives, facilitating new friendships, maintaining old ones and making our lives easier in umpteen ways.

I am reminded of the Star Wars line about using the Force. Technology can assist us to achieve our goals and enrich our lives if we use it with simple balance, but if we abuse the technology, it can destablize us and throw us off balance. What's it going to be? Remember to use Holly's six words of wisdom, and balance will be restored.

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Holly said...

Wow that was great! And from a Star Wars lover, that was a very nice twist at the end! ROFL. It's funny, I read jolt posts like this and I sound like I actually know what I'm talking about. Tee hee, I read it on my own and it's just another entry. Thanks for helping me try on a different pair of glasses!!

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