Monday, October 23, 2006

Knowing When to Choose Your Medicine

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Having had bursitis in my left elbow for several months and seeing it grow to the size of a small ping-pong ball, I have been researching and weighing my options. What to do? I ordered a specific homeopathic remedy which still hasn't arrived by mail, and have been nursing the elbow with homeopathic creams and homeopathic inflammation remedies. Zero success. So today I bit the bullet and went to the regular doctor.

I happen to really adore my "regular" medical doctor. He's a good man and a fine doctor, maybe even a great doctor. However, I don't pay that many visits to much so that when he sees me, he knows I have concern over a health issue. He works for a large HMO, and even though he could probably have made much more moolah working out of this arena, he has chosen to stay with Kaiser. I met him years ago and recognized a kindred spirit-- a being who has ideals, ethics and integrity. Money wasn't what motivated him. So when he moved to another location on Maui, I moved with him. He was a doctor whom I appreciated, honored and trusted. That means a lot to me.

Today he had to do the 'painful' thing (which I had already researched on the net and knew there would be some pain involved!), and he stuck the big fat needle in me to suck out the yukky stuff from my inflammed elbow. Bursitis is what he called it. Tennis elbow. A funny looking nob on my elbow is what it looked like, and I knew I couldn't wait any longer for a homeopathy solution for I needed a doctor quick-fix. After he drained all the stuff out, he gave me a shot of cortisone? Well, it was something like that. I felt a lot bettah immediately knowing all the blood and cells and water and whatever was in my inflammed elbow was gone!

The point of this post: it's a balancing act in knowing which type of medicine to use at any moment, and sometimes we have to choose one or the other because of timing. There's a saying that goes: It's All Good! We live at a time in history where we have so many choices as to how to receive treatment for our health issues. It's best when we can tune-in and know which one is right for us in the moment.

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