Thursday, October 26, 2006

Soul Sanctuary

Reading the recent posting titled "What Make A House A Home" on the blog Your Elegant Bed and Bath, I resonated with what Sharon wrote. Since I am a 'homebody', 'nester', and a born pillow fluffer extraordinaire, I would like to add to what she wrote. Having lived in many places and having had many homes both with money to spend on interior design and without money to spend, I have some experience with this topic. Money is not the key ingredient in turning a house into a home.

Sharon writes, "I think we need to surround ourselves with things that are important to us, that have an emotional resonance." Agreed! It's the little chachtkas, treasures from family and friends, and our own artistic flourish which make a house a home. This is what we are looking for when we decorate--the soul connection.

And here's how this 'soul-connection' plays out in my home:

a specific incense and a specific aromatherapy blend from a diffuser
framed photos of loved ones and awakened beings
live bamboo and orchid plants
books in every room
an earthy color scheme
wind chimes and mobiles outside the windows
exotic furnishings and items collected from all over the world
beautifully crafted items like quilts made by Mothers

gifts from beloved others such as the mermaid witch pillow given to me by my daughter for my 2006 Halloween gift

lots of candles, pillows and music

And last, but not least, MAGNETS on the fridge! As tacky as some might say this it, I trust that a house is a soulful home when I see the fridge magnets!

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