Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cats on Tuesday

Artwork of Anela done by Marjorie

I was invited by Gattina to participate in this Cats On Tuesday meme because we have already connected with our cat stories. As both Gattina and I are proud slaves of a cat(s), I can tell you this, cat lovers are a special breed. Sometimes this breed can become a tad whacko/nutty/over-the-top, as with some of the people that participate in Catster. It's sometimes challenging to remain balanced because of the devotion and love we have for our masters....errr, our cats.

With that confession out of the way, let me share about a book I recently bought for a friend for her birthday. She is the one that brought my cat Anela into my life, and her birthday was just the other day. The book is titled "Fang Shui" with the subtitle "Feng Shui for Felines" by Catfucius. Naturally, this is a book for cat lovers with a good sense of humor--both of which qualify my friend Basha.

I found this book hilarious...naturally I had to read it first before gifting it. Here's an excerpt on grooming: "Good grooming makes for good feng shui. Clean often, paying special attention to the delicate areas of the hindquarters. This must be done in the northeast corner of the room in full view of everyone, especially guests."

Here's what the back cover of the book says about its author, "Catfucius was born in China in the 5th century during the Meow Dynasty. Little is known of his early life, but historians have confirmed that he was the favored cat of the Emperor and Empress. His inscrutable ways and legendary wisdom drew many to him to learn of his secrets. Of his writings, only this book and the quote that begins it remain."

Even though this is a humor book, there is a lot of wisdom to it. Of course, we all know that cats are wise beings, and that is why we consort with them, right? After all, we're not stupid! Our cats know this, and that is why they chose us!

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