Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas Card Time

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Sometimes people can live continents away but be soul twins. I think such is the case with Miscellaneous Mum and my partner. She lives in Australia, and my partner lives in Hawaii, but they have the first-Christmas-card-in-the-mail obsession. Obviously when I read her post titled "Christmas(card)Time Is Here Again", I wondered if the two of them had been separated at birth. After more thought, I realize they have the major seasonal disorder called Christmas Card Anxiety, a not-so-well-known malady that usually flares up in October near Halloween.

I don't have all the details on Miscellaneous Mum, but she seems to be joyful about performing the Christmas card ritual. It's a different story in my home! This is how it goes with these sentences spoken by my partner:

"You'd better begin writing the Christmas card letters soon!
"We're not going to be able to get the Christmas cards out if you don't start soon."
"Have you begun the Christmas letter yet? You haven't?" (Horror on my partner's face!)
"Don't forget to add blah, blah, blah (everything in the world which happened to us this year)."
"Did you buy the Christmas card stationery yet?"

Talk about being a NUDGE! He drives me nuts with his constant commands for the Christmas Cards and letters, none of which he can contribute any time to because HE'S TOO BUSY! After I've written the Christmas letter (a five-page opus), he proofs it, re-writes it for days and makes more additions. By now, it's become a six-page opus. Yet we don't have the Christmas letter sent to the printer because he wants to review it ONE MO' TIME!

This is one of the MANY reasons why I'm thrilled Christmas only comes ONCE a year! So Miscellaneous Mum, send us one of your Christmas cards, and we'll send you one of ours. If you can deal with that ugly spider in your house, maybe you can deal with our Christmas card and letter, eh?

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Karen said...

Kuanyin, if you email me your address, I would LOVE to send you a card. Your partner is one sensible man ;) I think your definition of seasonal disorder is bang-on correct. I can't help myself, but!