Thursday, November 02, 2006

Looking Good For Yourself

There is something to be said about Looking Good For Yourself --for when you take the time to make yourself feel and look good, it 'ups' your morale. In Nola Cooper's November 1st posting on her blog The Classic Life, she writes, "Taking a few extra minutes to look nice in the mornings gives you more confidence during the day...", and I completely agree with her.

It's an easy habit to fall into 'to let yourself go' when no one is around to see you. But the truth of the matter is YOU SEE YOU! Even if you don't spend hours in front of the mirror after the husband has left for work and the kids are are school, the small bit of time you give to YOURSELF in the morning gets your day off to a good start. And I'm not only talking about applying makeup!

Whatever it is that makes you feel good should be a priority-- whether it's meditating, exercising, giving yourself a facial, taking an aromatherapy bath or journaling for example. Everyone has their own FEEL GOOD activities. Here are some of mine which I do daily and the approximate time spent:

Skin care regime: four minutes
Teeth care: four minutes
Makeup basics: one minute
Manicure, pedicure upkeep: two minutes
Meditation: minimum twenty minutes
Taking vitamins and making morning health drink: one minute
Hair care: two minutes
Morning phone conversation with daughter: five minutes

Thus, I spend approximately 40 minutes a day giving myself a gift! Time Well Spent!

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