Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Buzzed World

Recently my daughter began a search for another place to rent on Maui. Her intention was to locate her dream cottage in Kula which didn't cost an arm and a leg. And she found it! One of the reasons she was successful is that the landlord could tell she wasn't (as he phrased it)"tweaked". I asked my daughter what that word meant as I was unfamiliar with it, and my daughter said that 'tweaked' meant someone who is jacked up on crack or buzzed with some other speed drug.

Everyone by now knows that crack (or ice as it is commonly known) has become a country-wide horror. I heard Oprah even did a show about it on her neighbors in Santa Barbara. And the buzz doesn't just end with so-called "hard drugs", the buzz is in the ENERGY drinks you can purchase in grocery and convenience stores.

The most popular of these caffeine/sugar laced energy drinks is Red Bull. Other brands are Monster, Rockstar and Cocaine Energy Drink. More energy drinks are being launched all the time because of their current popularity. There is even a website reviewing these drinks: Energy Drink Review.

I've been musing over why these energy drinks and the hard meth stuff are so popular. Is it that people (especially teenagers who are some of the biggest energy drinkers)
feel that time is running out so they want to move faster? What is going on with our world that makes so many want a buzz? What is the appeal? Comments anyone?

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