Friday, November 03, 2006

Outsourcing Health Care

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The first time I heard about outsourcing health care from America to third world countries was on an episode of the hit television series "Boston Legal." Now the story about American's travelling abroad (either forced or chosen) has made the news. Read here for the recent Yahoo online article. Apparently this is the situation our country has gotten itself into: most people (even with health coverage) can't afford the high costs of major medical care and surgery in America anymore! So the option of traveling abroad for the necessary procedures is becoming more and more popular. And businesses may move their health care overseas too. Check out Planet Hospital. This organization arranges everything for you so that you feel safe, comfortable and cared for far from home.

Friends of mine have traveled abroad to have surgery in foreign countries, and they have reported back to me that the facilities were amazing, clean, and ultramodern...and very different than America. For instance, in Brazil there were LIVE plants in the hospital rooms, and in India your relative can have a bed moved into the hospital room to stay with you while you're recuperating.

I would consider having surgery in another country if I had to because the costs of surgery in America are so outrageous! Of course, you have to use discernment in selecting a facility outside America, but hey--malpractice happens right here too! What are your thoughts? Comments, anyone?

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