Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stop The Watch

Reading Katiebird's post about her broken Eat Watch on her blog Eat4today, I have some ideas to share with her and with readers. Having at one time been a weight-loss counselor and also read a ton of books about weight-loss, I feel I have something of value to offer.

Katiebird got the concept of the "Eat Watch" from author John Walker: "According to him people like me, who eat when they're not really hungry and don't stop eating when they're actually full have a broken Eat Watch. We don't have a natural eating regulator in our brains to keep us from overeating. So we can, without even noticing, nibble our way through the day." She continues with the solution: "For those of us with broken Eat Watches, there is hope. Recent research indicates that people who weigh themselves everyday have more control over maintaining weight loss than people who don't."

I TOTALLY endorse this method of daily weighing-in AND here are my weight-loss tips to add to this wisdom:

1. Add Organic Flax Oil to your diet. The flax oil capsules are the easiest and take them first thing in the morning-- also spaced out during the day. Because it's an oil, the capsules will need to be refrigerated, so if you take them with you to work, find a way to refrigerate the bottle. You don't want the oil to go rancid. Flax oil is a natural, non-buzzing way to diminish your appetite.

2. If you drink LOTS of water, you will feel so FULL that the munchies can't grab you so hard. Add a splash of organic sugar free cranberry juice for taste and as a diuretic. An excellent brand of cranberry juice is L & A which has no sugar, sweeteners or colors added, no preservatives and very low sodium.

3. Use the Emotional Freedom Technique. It's fast, free and easy to do. Lots of people loose weight using this technique of tapping on certain meridians and keep it off because the truth is "broken watches" are primarily emotional issues.

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katiebird said...

Hi, Kuanyin -- Thank you so much for this wonderful blogJolt! I'm very grateful for the time you spent at Eat4Today and the details you've put into your post here.

I'm especially thankful for the information about the Emotional Freedom Technique. I spent a lot of time at that site last night. And I'm sure I'll be writing about it in a post soon.

Because one of the things I've found is that since weight-loss/weight-maintenance is going to be a lifelong struggle, I'll need a wide variety of tools. I'm pretty sure no one idea will work everyday (or even all day.) After all, if there was a "magic bullet" we'd all be using it. . . Well, I would.

And that's the thrill of Eat4Today -- I've learned so many tricks that I'd never have discovered on my own! Thank you so much for adding another.

P.S. -- I love your blog. It's beautiful, well written and interesting.