Friday, December 29, 2006

More Important Health News

I gave you several links yesterday to read, and today I have more. Lots of health information comes to me from many different sources--some of which I track down and some emailed to me. These two links stood out above the rest as important to share with others.

The first link is called "Frankenwine: wines made with GMO yeast hit the market this year." Apparently, some California vitners are trying out these GMO seeds, and the results of drinking this wine has not been fully reviewed and tested. After reading this article, I am switching to wines other than from the state of California! Yuk!

The second link is quite frankly---scarifying! If you don't want to check it out, I completely understand, but I believe it's better to be informed. It's a PBS Special called "Living Old--Aging in America". Their investigative arm Frontline "investigates this national crisis and explores the new realities of aging in America." Soon in America we will have the "first ever mass geriatric society." I think it's time we all consider this likelihood and how we are to manage.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Health Information

Photo: terragalleria

When I originally birthed this blog, my intention was to offer information on alternative health, spirituality, articles on living and dying and the research I do on these subjects. However, as quite often happens, we get diverted from our original intention and stray a bit off-course. Thus my postings have gone in all sorts of directions: cats, photographs, comments on other blogs, and so on and so forth.

Looking back over my postings I realize these posts are all relevant to the theme of thriving for the thread which weaves through all the posts have the essence of thriving in them.
Even cats and photographs contribute to our wellness, right?

I've been saving up so many links of health articles which I would like to share with you before they overwhelm me though. It's time I get some of the latest out of the box and put them out there, so here's a post with interesting health information I have collected. There's a LOT of reading here, so I hope you have some time. If not, come back with a nice cup of tea or java and read more later.

1. "You Are What You Eat: 2006 and the Politics of Food" from the New York Times

2. "Quick, Do You Know Your B.M.I." from the New York Times

3. "Urine Therapy: a cure for all diseases" from Shirleys Wellness Cafe

Notice how I put the urine link at the bottom so as not to scare ya off?

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Blessings

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Holy Day Blessings! Remember to push the plate away when you're full...if you drink, be moderate...and bless everyone you meet and greet. This is the Season of Light for a reason, so lighten-up on yourself and others. Be Merry and enjoy your Noel Nosh!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

What Do You Choose--Love or Fear?

Artwork courtesy of Josephine Wall

There are many incredible spiritual short movies being produced and available online now. Just the other day I featured a gorgeous one by Spirit Heart Organization on another of my blogs, Who's Yo Mama. Now I have received another beautiful video which I just watched and wish to share with you from the organization I Choose Love.

Featuring the music of Shawn Gallaway, the video asks: "What do you choose--love or fear?" Click here to watch it.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cats on Tuesday

Recently I discovered a really neat site which allows one to Warholize their photos, and what's better than this--it's free! This method/technology is named after Andy Warhol who made all the famous paintings of celebrities and trendy folks back in the day. With this "warholized" program, you can either order copies of whatever you've warholized or print them out on your own computer. The photo above is of my cat Anela (my nickname for her, Queensie). A photo like this would make a nice Christmas gift!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

WE are Time Magazine's Person of the Year

It has been reported that Time Magazine is giving the "Person Of The Year" award to none other than YOU! And that means US! We win! We can congratulate each other for finally being honored. "The winners were anyone using or creating content on the World Wide Web." Yipppeeee! So even though we may not be in the finals for the Blogger Contest, we have still won. How about that?! Here's the link for you to read all about it! Bust out the champagne! Let's party! We deserve this for all our hard work, creativity, and enterprise! What a lovely Christmas gift to US!

While we're celebrating our victory, check out this video of another Amazing Being.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Guest Article by Gary Craig

The Menacing Mathematics of Multiple Meds

By Gary Craig

There's something scary about drugs that concerns a growing number of
physicians and should wobble the knees of every patient on the planet.It's
obvious to any mathematician but somehow has escaped the general scrutiny of
the health industry.

It has to do with combining meds.

Ever since I can remember I have been fed the perception that drugs are
governmentally evaluated and thus are safe if taken under the guidance of
competent physicians.However, even ifwe accept thepresumed safetyfor the
ingestion of one drug, we must ask ourselves how might thatsafety change if
we take multiple drugs?

For safety assurances, proper testing should be done for every drug
combination we are advised to take. If we take Prozac and Tylenol, for
example, we should be presented with all the possible benefits and
consequences before allowing these two foreign substances to mix with the
chemicals our bodies already create. Same thing goesfor combining Paxil
with Viagra or Interferon with Lipitor.

The list of possible problems here is monstrously long because there are a
b'zillion drugs and mega b'zillions of combinations. Nonetheless, I've
never seen or heard of anystudies that test any of these combinations ...
have you?

Thus, if you take two drugs, the odds of their combination having been
adequately tested for safety are skimpy at best. But if you take 3 or more
drugs the danger possibilitiesmultiply even faster.

Here's how the mathematics work: If you take 3 drugs then adequate safety
testing of the various combinations require 7 separate tests. If you take 4
drugs the combinations require 25 separate tests. If you take 5 drugs it
amounts to 121 tests. If you take 10 drugs the number of required safety
tests total 362,881.

The conclusion here should be obvious. Namely, there is questionable safety
testing if you take 2 drugs and nominal, if any, safety testing if you take
3. Beyond that you are clearly into the land of,"I have no idea what these
combinations of drugs will do."

To me, this tosses our dedicated docs into a tenuous position. They have
patients with problems who aren't willing to exercise, eat right, do EFT for
emotional issues( ) or much of anything
else to help their own health. Instead, the patients hope the physicians
will produce a magic pill (or pills) to make their problems go away.

I have met many patients who are on several drugs and take some drugs to
counteract the effects of other drugs. As a non-physician I look at this
with a shudder. These folks are being fed chemical cocktails with little or
no safety testing behind the combinations. Maybe I need some help with my
perceptions here but, to me,they are playing drug roulette.

I don't know if lawyers have picked up on the simple, but compelling, math
here. But I do know that I wouldn't want to be a doctor in court facing
these clear facts.

In the 15+ years I have been involved in the health field, I have had the
good fortune to count many physicians as my personal friends. With few
exceptions, they agree that it is our lifestyles, diets and emotional
stresses that cause most of our health problems ... and ... the vast
majority of these problems would vanish if people would live common sense
lives. Yet patients repeatedly abuse their bodies and ask for more and more
"miracledrugs" as the convenient solution. I don't envy the docs at all as
I often hear them complain that this is a highway to NobodyWinsVille.

Maybe what we really need are good salespeople to persuade folks to take
care of themselves. I suspect that, if truly persuasive, they would do more
good than the ocean of drugs at our disposal.

Love, Gary

For more information, check out Emofree.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cats on Tuesday

This is a photo of my cat Anela posing for her photo for Cats On Tuesday. I promised I would only show the "good" photos, as I know how very vain she is. Anela means angel in Hawaiian, and she has always been an extremely angelic cat in that she doesn't scratch furniture, climb on furniture or counters, knock things over, go to the bathroom on a bed in a peevish moment or jump on the laps of company.

The main reason I attribute her excellent etiquette is this: I am in clear communication with her. We established our nonverbal, telepathic communication since she was young. She came to my life when she was a baby, and since I always have listened to her cat complaints with respect, and she has listened to mine (telepathically, of course), we have been in a simpatico relationship. Just because she has fur and walks on four paws doesn't mean she is LESS, and actually cats are often much MORE than humans give them credit for. Many years ago when I was working with wild dolphins, I had a visit from a vetenarian and his wife from Portugal. Over lunch he confided he never operated on cats anymore because he said they never go quite "out" with any anesthetics, and he sensed they "feel" more of the pain than most vets acknowledge. He said cats are some of the most profound beings on this planet.

Cats see into the spirit world, the invisible worlds surrounding us. This 'seeing' has been validated by scientists. It's something to do with the cones in their eyes...they have lots more cones than humans. Since I know this, I have requested Anela to give me the high-sign when anyone "special" from another dimension or spirit-world is visiting or if there is something she needs to point out to me which I am not 'seeing'. She invariably does so. This doesn't necessarily mean I will see what she is seeing, but I will stop, sense and tune into the energies. She comes in very handy because she contributes to my awareness....and I appreciate her very much.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's time for me to share some great links with you again. I collect them for this blog, and also for my other blog Way Khool Sites. The links I share with you on this blog, however, are more serious, newsworthy, health-oriented and of a spiritual nature. Enjoy and Thrive!

1. "Findings on 420,000 people in Denmark give gadget a clean bill of health" reads the headline about cellphones. Read more here.

2. Here are Ten Tips for Smarter Google Searches.

3. Contribute your six-word memoir for the contest which ends Dec. 25th. I contributed mine. Here's the link.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cats on Tuesday Day Again

Hey, it's already Cats on Tuesday again! Where does the time fly at this time of year? If you're like me, you're BUSY!!!!

My friend Gattina started this meme recently, and even though she's Belgium's Blog Queen like I'm Hawaii's Bog Queen, I feel I must contribute since our cat's are friends too. Meow! I write this in jest, of course, and the reason is because Gattina has multiple blogs like myself. At last count, I had eleven! I don't post on every blog every day. Sometimes I don't post on some of them for a long, long time, and a post is way overdue on several of them. Mostly I post when I'm in the mood or there's a meme or reason.

So what's the latest on my spoiled cat, Anela? Not much! Her life is pretty uneventful these days now that the Boxer Dogs in the neighborhood have BOTH moved! Her biggest decision is whether her sleeping spot is going to be a. under the bed b. in the closet or c. sprawled out in the middle of the Master bedroom. The last spot is a new one for her, and 'why-this-spot' has me baffled. A long time ago, I read in a book how cats choose their spots. It might have been in the book Why Cats Paint or some other title similar to that. I loaned the book to a cat friend, and the book never returned to me. In any event, the best I can recall from what I read in this cat book is this: cats always choose a place to lie that has negative energy because they transmute this energy. They will never pick a spot to lie down where a dog would lie because a dog always picks happy, positive spots to lie down. I don't know if any of this information is true, but I suspect there must be some measure of truth to it as dogs and cats rarely like to place themselves in the same spots. There is an old saying that goes like this: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. My thoughts are the same for cats. Let them lie. Let them sleep. Who knows? Our cats may be transmuting negative energies in our home and performing a grand service for us.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006