Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cats on Tuesday Day Again

Hey, it's already Cats on Tuesday again! Where does the time fly at this time of year? If you're like me, you're BUSY!!!!

My friend Gattina started this meme recently, and even though she's Belgium's Blog Queen like I'm Hawaii's Bog Queen, I feel I must contribute since our cat's are friends too. Meow! I write this in jest, of course, and the reason is because Gattina has multiple blogs like myself. At last count, I had eleven! I don't post on every blog every day. Sometimes I don't post on some of them for a long, long time, and a post is way overdue on several of them. Mostly I post when I'm in the mood or there's a meme or reason.

So what's the latest on my spoiled cat, Anela? Not much! Her life is pretty uneventful these days now that the Boxer Dogs in the neighborhood have BOTH moved! Her biggest decision is whether her sleeping spot is going to be a. under the bed b. in the closet or c. sprawled out in the middle of the Master bedroom. The last spot is a new one for her, and 'why-this-spot' has me baffled. A long time ago, I read in a book how cats choose their spots. It might have been in the book Why Cats Paint or some other title similar to that. I loaned the book to a cat friend, and the book never returned to me. In any event, the best I can recall from what I read in this cat book is this: cats always choose a place to lie that has negative energy because they transmute this energy. They will never pick a spot to lie down where a dog would lie because a dog always picks happy, positive spots to lie down. I don't know if any of this information is true, but I suspect there must be some measure of truth to it as dogs and cats rarely like to place themselves in the same spots. There is an old saying that goes like this: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. My thoughts are the same for cats. Let them lie. Let them sleep. Who knows? Our cats may be transmuting negative energies in our home and performing a grand service for us.

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1 comment:

Gattina said...

He, he at least you get one comment ! Poor Anela, deprived of her dogs ! I feel like Tarzan's Jane, swinging through your blog jungle, the link you gave was only half. Fortunately I know your blogs by now but others don't.
I thought it was very clear how to play, but apparently not. Most of the people commented in my info post (now I closed comments) and not in my Tuesday post and a lot of them got confused with old Mr. Linky. There I have to do something, because he gave up his soul and was not of a very good help and on top of it he mixed up the other theme Tackle it tuesday with the cats !
One did everything correctly but the link she put was to my keyhole pictures lol ! Next time it will be better I don't give up hope so quickly. Thanks for the pub ! Hope to see Anela again on next tuesday !