Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cats on Tuesday

This is a photo of my cat Anela posing for her photo for Cats On Tuesday. I promised I would only show the "good" photos, as I know how very vain she is. Anela means angel in Hawaiian, and she has always been an extremely angelic cat in that she doesn't scratch furniture, climb on furniture or counters, knock things over, go to the bathroom on a bed in a peevish moment or jump on the laps of company.

The main reason I attribute her excellent etiquette is this: I am in clear communication with her. We established our nonverbal, telepathic communication since she was young. She came to my life when she was a baby, and since I always have listened to her cat complaints with respect, and she has listened to mine (telepathically, of course), we have been in a simpatico relationship. Just because she has fur and walks on four paws doesn't mean she is LESS, and actually cats are often much MORE than humans give them credit for. Many years ago when I was working with wild dolphins, I had a visit from a vetenarian and his wife from Portugal. Over lunch he confided he never operated on cats anymore because he said they never go quite "out" with any anesthetics, and he sensed they "feel" more of the pain than most vets acknowledge. He said cats are some of the most profound beings on this planet.

Cats see into the spirit world, the invisible worlds surrounding us. This 'seeing' has been validated by scientists. It's something to do with the cones in their eyes...they have lots more cones than humans. Since I know this, I have requested Anela to give me the high-sign when anyone "special" from another dimension or spirit-world is visiting or if there is something she needs to point out to me which I am not 'seeing'. She invariably does so. This doesn't necessarily mean I will see what she is seeing, but I will stop, sense and tune into the energies. She comes in very handy because she contributes to my awareness....and I appreciate her very much.

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srp said...

I have one that knows when two of the other cats are having a slight tiff. He loves to jump in, throw the first jab and get things started, then jump back and watch the brawl that breaks out. He is soooo bad.

I'm sure your kitty does not have a bad photo in her album.

Gattina said...

I thought I knew EVERYTHING about cats and have to admit it isn't the case. But now I understand when my cats wash behind the ears it rains the next day. But what happens to cats living in countries where it almost never rains ? They must have their ears awfully dirty !

Meow said...

What an amazing kitty you have. The telepathy sounds incredible .. I always knew that cats are smarter beings than most of the world give them credit for. That's why I am a "cat" person, rather than a "dog" person !!
Hope you are having a great week.
Take care, Meow

Marti said...

What a wonderful kitty! I loved reading about your telepathic connection!

I have a silly WW up - happy holidays!

Carver said...

Hello! My sister absolutely adores cats. Her blog is cat-themed, and she has an online shop at cafepress too. (http://www.cafepress.com/justcatz) We used to have up to 16 cats at home, but we had to give them away because maintaining them became too expensive. :-(

leo the lion said...

i know what you mean about the telepathy....to me it feels more like a shared understanding of how each other is feeling.....and thats what i pick up....cats are a mystery and a joy....and when you are alone with a cat there is a presence of being thats is unlike any other