Friday, December 29, 2006

More Important Health News

I gave you several links yesterday to read, and today I have more. Lots of health information comes to me from many different sources--some of which I track down and some emailed to me. These two links stood out above the rest as important to share with others.

The first link is called "Frankenwine: wines made with GMO yeast hit the market this year." Apparently, some California vitners are trying out these GMO seeds, and the results of drinking this wine has not been fully reviewed and tested. After reading this article, I am switching to wines other than from the state of California! Yuk!

The second link is quite frankly---scarifying! If you don't want to check it out, I completely understand, but I believe it's better to be informed. It's a PBS Special called "Living Old--Aging in America". Their investigative arm Frontline "investigates this national crisis and explores the new realities of aging in America." Soon in America we will have the "first ever mass geriatric society." I think it's time we all consider this likelihood and how we are to manage.

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