Friday, December 28, 2007

This Week I.....

Opened and Gave Christmas Gifts

Prepared My Famous Sweet (no sugar!)Potato Dish (three of them) for a Christmas Day party--a very popular dish with my friends

Cleaned-up the after-Christmas mess around our home

Put Christmas photos in new Christmas frames

Made a pact with my partner for continuing our healthy eating plan

Been catching-up on snail mail correspondence and email

Organizing and cleaning-out old STUFF in preparation for the New Year

Reading a chapter or two in some of the new books I was given for Christmas

Updating my blogs so that I feel RELIEF on New Year's Day 2008

Making plans for my 2008 priorities

Enjoying the beautiful Maui weather--it's absolute perfection!

Making lists of places to travel in 2008 beside the ones already planned

Feeling GRATITUDE that I survived my viral pneumonia and pleurisy this year and that my great health and vigor is returning

Watching very little television because of the re-runs. Thank Goddess for Tyra and Oprah so I can still hold onto my last vice--watching tv!

Listening to firecrackers and rockets going off in the neighborhood. People are already ready to celebrate the New Year. 2007 was so rough for everyone I think.

Reading all the many online HEALTH newsletters that I signed up for when I became sick. Now I'm flooded with daily emails and newsletters, and I'm becoming even more knowledgeable about alternative medicine, anti-aging and health issues! I plan to share much of this information with you in future posts.

Catching a few good movies here and there on the Big Screen

And NOW I'm thanking you for reading my blog posts this year. You're the greatest!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holy Days!

May your Holiday Season be healthy, joyful, peaceful, and LOVING!

Mahalo Nui Loa for your visits and comments this year--everyone of you is loved and appreciated!

I'm sharing the following quote which was sent to me because it really resonated with me and felt perfect for this blog. Perhaps it will resonate with you too!

"Your work is to create the new heaven and the new earth. Therefore do not dwell on the troubles and tribulations, on the disease and suffering, on the wars and strife in the world. Do not allow yourself to become involved in it, for if you do, you will become part of the disease not the cure. As you raise your consciousness, you become immunized against the trouble in the world, and you can live and work with it all about you and yet it will not be able to affect or touch you in any way. A doctor or nurse has to be immunized to be able to work freely with highly infectious diseases, and there must be no fear in them. Let there be no fear in you as you watch the situation in the world become worse. Never despair. Simply hold on in faith, let your mind be stayed on Me, and know that all is very, very well."

Source- "Opening Doors Within" by Eileen Caddy

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are You A Christmas Gift Procrastinator Too?

I didn't intend to be a PROCRASTINATOR this Christmas Holiday season, but that's what has happened. Even though I shop for Christmas gifts all year long, the illness which surprised and side-lined me this Autumn (and kept me slow for the ensuing three months) has thrown me way behind with purchasing Christmas gifts.

So I was delighted to discover there was a way to send a healthy gift basket through 1-800-flowers! Usually most gift baskets include an insane amount of sugar products in their gift baskets! If you've read some of my past posts on this blog, you will remember that I've totally gone off of food and drink with toxic sugar! And furthermore, my ethics require me to NOT send a gift basket with sugar-y products in it to others.

If you click under the topic Christmas on the 1-800-flowers website, you will see they offer a great selection of organic, natural, and healthy gift baskets. For example, the Treleela Organic Tea Experience (the photo is shown above). The site EVEN has the option to send fair-trade certified roses! How cool is that?!

I like it that such a big company is getting with the program of healthy, fair-trade, organic and natural!

So if you're a Christmas gift procrastinator like me, you NOW have the option of a fast, last-minute and healthy gift solution!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Shares Her Wisdom

Anela meditates frequently (as you can see in the photo above), and she has asked me to share some Wise Old Cat Wisdom:

1. Don't limit yourself! If you can manipulate treats out of both of your cat slaves at different times, go for it. Why not?!

2. Detach yourself from the battles of others. Let the other neighborhood cats fight if they wish. Serenity is achieved by remaining aloof from their squabbles.

3. Be Still and Observe. By remaining quiet, one can perceive more of the Big Picture.

Anela and Kuanyin wish ALL OF YOU a very Merry Christmas and Joyful Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Without Sugar

This is the most wonderful time of the year for many people: Christmas. And what does this mean for most: SUGAR in the form of holiday drinks, cookies, pies, chocolates, candies, cakes, etc.

And this year will be my first year WITHOUT any sugar whatsoever! When I became sick this year, I changed my diet to an alkaline diet. Since sugar is acidic, out went all foods and drinks with sugar in them!

This wellness plan is working for me, and I'm feeling so much better without eating sugar. Plus the extra weight I've been carrying around is easily falling off me. I've dropped one size already.

Giving up sugar was easy for me since I had an obvious choice: good health or suffering! For many who don't have such clarity, giving up sugar isn't so easy, especially this time of the year when all the parties and events have sugar highlighted in some form or other.

Tomorrow I'll be attending a "cookie" party, and I've informed the hostess I don't eat sugar or drink alcohol, so she's assured me, she'll have something special for me. As the odd person out, it'll be interesting to see if I resonate with others who are getting high on sugar. :Smile:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

This past Tuesday I posted that Anela was apprehensive about the weather, and as it turned out, she was a BETTER weather forecaster than the professionals who said there would only be gusty conditions. Instead Maui experienced without a doubt the worst storm in at least 50 years!

There was a power outage island-wide with some folks being without power for four days. Flooding and never-ending rain went on for nearly a week, and trees downed on roadways kept many people from going to work. Schools were closed. And during this time, Anela wisely stayed in HER bedroom and didn't even come down to eat her breakfast on some days.

Now that the sun has returned, Anela is sleeping in her favorite sun-bathing spots, and she's a happy cat again.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

The weather has been bewildering and unsettling for Anela lately. First, there was rain for several days which wasn't to her liking. Now it's very sunny & windy, and she keeps looking out the window with apprehension. The radio news says to tie everything down outside because for the next two days it's going to be very gusty. I told Anela to be careful and try not to get blown away like in the Wizard of Oz.

I took this photo of her today on the stairs leading up to what she thinks is HER bedroom. Actually, it's our gym, art studio, and guest bedroom, but she has a different opinion. It's very challenging to get a shot of Anela looking at the camera because she's really camera shy, so this one little close-up took me many attempts.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shine On With Solio

I often read the reports on the net about How To Prepare for this and that as well as news of power outages in various cities. And since I've got a bit of the Nancy Drew character in me and always attempt to be prepared for emergencies (thus, the stuff I haul around in my purse and car), I've wondered what would happen if a power outage happened for a long time? Our computers wouldn't work. Our cell phones couldn't be re-charged. Our GPS units wouldn't work! Same goes for PDA's, headphones, game consoles, and iPods. Not a good scenario all told.

Thus, I was eager to test out the Solio Hybrid 1000 which is a universal charger for electronic devices that stores power. "An internal rechargeable battery stores power for up to one year."

And for me--living on sunny Maui--I can plug my cell phone, computers, and other devices into Solio and charge them through the solar panel. Or I could charge it from a USB port if I wished. The Solio package comes with three charging tips, and a USB cable. If the tip you need isn't in the box, you can aquire it through Solio.

I'm very happy knowing I have a "back-up" with Solio....just in case! It's been working for me now, but I hope I never have to use in an emergency. However, the peace of mind knowing that I have it handy is priceless to me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Anela and the Ants

In the tropics, bugs are abundant and often challenging if they invade your home. My partner detests bugs, ants, and spiders, so we have our home sprayed quite often by a company, both inside and out. And yet, the resilient ants always return--despite the ant traps and spraying.

The only wet food Anela gets served is for breakfast, and most often, she doesn't finish her bowl of food, so it attracts ants. If I haven't gotten to the bowl by morning, lots of ants are swarming it. I don't even know where these ants come from--it's as if they teleported into the bowl of cat food!

Anela likes variety, and so this breakfast bowl is often placed at different locations. She directs my partner to put it in these different places by her meows. And he follows her orders. So yesterday, he placed her bowl on her favorite rug, a thick, wool Tibetan rug with a double-dragon design. You might have noticed it in prior photos I've posted of Anela. This is the rug where she hangs-out and sleeps most often.

As I was whizzing by in the afternoon, I noticed Anela on her rug with her bowl of old breakfast food which was covered with tiny black ants. If I had a camera for the disgusted look she gave me at that moment, the photo would have been priceless. But Anela didn't even raise her head, she just laid there watching the ants eat her food. Of course, I grabbed the bowl and washed it as soon as I sized-up the situation. Bye-bye little ants! I don't like killing them, but whatcha gonna do?! And such is life with Anela and the ants.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Anela's Reaction

When I came home from the hospital recently, I was very groggy and full of pain pills. I imagine my energy body was totally out of whack. I crawled into bed, propped up. Anela walks into the room, takes one look at me in my frightful condition, and if I had a camera in my hand at that moment, I would have had the funniest photo in the world.

It's as if Anela's eyes grew HUGE like one of the LOL cats or cartoon cats. She stopped in her tracks and stared at me with these giant eyes. Then she ran out of the room as fast as if a ghost was chasing her!

During my early recovery period (I'm now knock-on-wood in my late recovery period!), she would avoid me! And I can't say I blame her. Yesterday was the FIRST day that she came around to hang out with me.

I was sitting at my altar in my bedroom where I meditate, pray, and count my blessings. My altar is a gorgeous two-tier built-in with candles, sculptures of Kuanyin, Tara, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, and others, chatchkas of all kinds, and beautiful framed paintings. As I sat there, I suddenly hear a quiet snuffle. I opened my eyes to see Anela lying peacefully beside me as she used to do when I meditated. She opened her eyes and this time her expression was one of peace and love. I cried because I was re-united with my best buddy.


On another note, I have joined a free site called Predictify where you can submit stories, predict outcomes, and earn money. If you're interested, here's the link to click to join up.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Healing Tools

While recovering from pneumonia and a pleural effusion procedure at our local hospital, I've been supporting my healing through bodywork, chiropractic, ayurvedic, herbal, and other modalities. One friend has me on her ZEB machine. Another is sending me Reiki healing, and so it goes. I feel all these tools are working together for my wellness.

Another great tool I've discovered that I've installed on my computer this past week is a very special radionics tool developed by Simeon of Spirit Heart Sanctuary. I'll let Simeon describe it in his own words from an email he sent me:

"I am calling this new category of offerings, "SpiritWare™ ~ software for the soul."

The first in this series is the Thoth Master Guardian v1.0. This is an actual computer program that runs a high-level radionics program through your computer's crystalline and gold circuitry and facilitates a stronger connection between your computer, you and your intentions, the space around your computer, and the streaming of Master Intelligence represented, in this case Thoth.

This is accomplished through the radionics program making an inter-dimensional connection to the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim computer. Additionally, in the SpiritWare™ Master Guardian program there are three different animations created using Maia's psionic energy art which are further attunements to the Master Being, in this case Thoth. In this version there is an animation of Thoth's mandala, his medallion, and his akashic portrait.

There are also personal settings in the program and you can program it with your own intentions and it remembers your intention and all your settings from one session to the next until you change them.

One of the very nice things about this is that the program is small in size, and has a transparent background, and stays on top of other programs while you work in them (unless you de-select that option)! So you can have Thoth sitting there looking at you (he even blinks) while you work complete with special Light FX and a Golden Ankh coming out of his third eye and a golden rainbow- aura emanating from his head periodically, and more, its really cool! :-)

There is a FREE TRIAL version available for download right now. I am also making this available at a special introductory price. The normal cost of this item is $33.33, but between now and the Full Moon on 11/24/07 I AM offering it for roughly 44% off which comes to $18.88.

You can read more about it, see screen shots and purchase or download the FREE TRIAL version here:

The more of these we have installed on computer systems around the world the stronger these Master Streams of consciousness become in the planetary etheric and electromagnetic fields! You know what this means."

Friday, November 09, 2007


Recently I suffered through an illness which ended up landing me in the hospital. I'm now out of the hospital and slowly recuperating at home. Through this challenging time, I have reflected upon the great importance of my cherished personal relationships, not only locally, but internationally. I have called upon my friends to help me through this time, and prayers and healing have been sent my way from all over the world.

The support I have received has been so nourishing for my soul. These connections mean so much to me, and I strongly believe these links are one of my most powerful healing and recovery tools. They're my LIFELINES! They matter more than anything, and I'm so grateful for each and every friendship I have.

If you're reading this and you're one of my connections, I wish to send you a HUGE HUG and Mahalo Nui Loa for your presence in my life! You're what makes my life bright and shining. You're my angels, and I Love You!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

This past year we had a mango tree which kept producing an incredible harvest of magnificent mangoes. There were so many mangoes constantly falling from this 'giving tree' that we attracted a large fruit rat which chomped on many of them. We didn't care because there were more than enough mangoes to go around. After the mango season was over, we wondered what happened to our fruit rat. This past week, we found out.

Anela presented us her gift of a very bloody mess of a formerly fat fruit rat on our outside carpet near our sliding door. My partner saw it first, and since I'm normally the one who cleans up after Anela, it would have been my job to clean this mess up. However, since I've been ill, the job fell upon my partner's shoulders, and he wasn't at all happy about the clean-up. However, Anela I'm sure felt very proud of herself because this rat was a BIG one, and she had accomplished her kill. We praised her. She's still got a lot of good 'mouser' in her even though she's growing older!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Waking-Up To The Radiation Hazards

Since my recent do-si-do with health, I have become even more diligent and dedicated to researching health issues. In the process, I've come across lots of astonishing, eye-opening information. I was aware to some extent of the hazards of cell phone towers, cell phones, and microwave radiation, but not the extent detailed in the article by Amy Worthington titled "The Radiation Poisoning of America". Even though this article is titled "....of America", this radiation hazard includes many other places in the world. This is a long, well-researched article with lots of links. I highly recommend it.

Click here to read it.

One of the links within this article is for an environmental consultation firm called Sage Associates which can monitor your home and business for EMF. There are also links for gadgets which you can purchase to do your own investigations.

Further posts on this blog will continue my research into what I consider information everyone should be informed about.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

Some people say pets resemble their owners. There is a website I've seen with photos of people with their pets right next to them that illustrate this point. Perhaps you've seen it? It's really quite amazing the similarities. I would add a corollary to this theory which is: our pets often reflect our state of health.

As some of you may know, I've been very ill for the last month, specifically the last two weeks which have been the worst. I've not been blogging very much, eating very much, barely talking, and have been trying to manage my health crisis. AND DURING THIS SAME TIME PERIOD, Anela has responded my turning her nose up at her morning breakfast of wet food--a breakfast which she usually gobbles down with zest. My partner has been concerned why she hasn't been eating her food! I know why. She's reflecting/mirroring back to me/us.

This morning was the first morning in several weeks in which I feel half-way normal. Breakthrough is happening. I'm feeling better. And guess what? Anela ate her whole breakfast bowl this morning! It was a sure sign to me that she/I are now on the mend.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wordless Wednesday--Japanese Garden

Cats on Tuesday--Sleeping Safe

I couldn't believe it when I walked into our home gym and found Anela sleeping where she is in the photo above. Her back is up against our treadmill which was hooked up so that the maid could clean the rug underneath it. Normally our treadmill is down....and it's very heavy...and certainly not a place I would recommend our Queenie to rest. But she trusts us. She must! Or why would she choose this nap place out of all the cushie places in our home to rest? I shudder to think what would happen should the heavy top come unhooked if Anela were there! Oh well...Anela is still alive and well I'm happy to report.

You must check out this new breed of domestic, tame cats called the Ashera which is a blend of the bloodlines of the African Serval, Asian Leopard Cat, and a domestic cat! It looks like a mini leopard and supposedly is affectionate and intelligent . I'm quite taken with their beauty. The price: $22,000!

What does this price include? An Ashera delivered fully vaccinated with nail caps on its claws, a microchip identifier, an animal behaviorist consultation for a year, and a year of veterinary insurance.

Click here to view the Ashera cats offered by Lifestyle Pets.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Take A Giant Step Backwards and One Baby Step Forward

Yes, it finally happened to me, the one who is always healthy and strong! A bug, a virus, or 'something' has knocked our family on our collective ass's. Our symptoms: extremely tired, tight muscles around the shoulders and neck, headaches, and did I mentioned: tired?!

Today is the first day I'm even half-way back to my normal self, and after feeling so exhausted for the last couple of weeks, I am jubilant! Great, vibrant health feels so good!

Today I spent a long time stretching and re-connecting with my body which has felt all crumpled up-- like I was a butterfly coming out from my cocoon and testing my wings.

During this time-period, I also took a major fall, but thanks to my angels instead of breaking a leg or ankle, I'm left with nothing more than a big ass bruise. And I was minding my own business in our kitchen when one of the glass ceiling panels came crashing down and just barely nicked one of my toes. My angels are awesome! I suspect that the glass panel came loose when the 6.0 Mariana Islands earthquake (Oct. 7th) jiggled something over here on Maui. We're not all that far away!

Hey, in this Earth-Walk none of us are exempt from our share of suffering, but we can mitigate our suffering with gratitude. And I'm grateful for all the friends who suggested what works for them when they're feeling sick.

What's your solutions? Remedies? Sharings?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Halloween Arrived Early

How do you like the Halloween Cat Lady costume I created using Bless This Chick? Fun, uh?

Here's another early Halloween photo of Anela looking spook-tacular!

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Emergency Travel Health Kit

Perhaps some of you're like me and travel with your own emergency health kit for the 'just-in-case' scenario when away from home. I mentioned several posts back about the 'heart-pounding' incidents which happened twice in Las Vegas at night after climbing into bed and which suggested to me at the time something was happening to my body which wasn't at all good. And today I'd like to post what I employed from my travel emergency kit and which helped me both evenings.

Upon returning home to Maui, I had tests run by my long-time doctor. There were no sign from the EKG or blood tests I'd experienced a heart attack! Hmmm..... So what did happen to me? I am speculating on several scenarios.

I'll list the products I travel with which helped my discomfort both evenings, but first, I wish to mention the following:

After reviewing information on the net and doing research, I now realize how lucky I was! Had I indeed been having a heart attack, I shouldn't have hesitated calling 911. The longer you wait, the worse it is for you. So if anyone reading this ever feels they might be having a heart attack or stroke, don't do as I did, but get assistance right away! Don't feel foolish. Do it!

With that stated, here's the mainstay items in my travel kit (all time-tested remedies by me!):

1. Miracle Neutralizer--I carry a small flask of this product, and if I have heartburn, tummy ache, feel a cold coming on, or feel nauseous, this product works fast to reversing these symptoms. Both evenings, I just kept taking another jigger until I felt ok again, and by the time I returned home, my flask was empty. Here's where I order the product: Global Light Network

2. Traumeel--both the gel and capsules, a product found in many health food stores. Traumeel is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory and analgesic which has helped me feel less pain so many times it's not funny. If my shoulders and neck get tight from air travel, I rub the gel on these areas.

3. Intrasound--both the gel and powder. These products have a healing frequency inserted into them, and they've assisted me to have an increased ability to help my body heal itself. I have zero idea how these products work, but they've proven very effective for me.

4. Bach Rescue Remedy Flower Essence and cream--they're good for emergency situations, shock, and stress. They helps to stabilize the emotions. I just put a couple of drops of the flower essence in water. Or rub the cream in. They can be purchased at most health food stores.

What is in YOUR emergency travel kit? Please share with me/us!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blog Against Abuse Day--Stop Abusing Earth

Today is the day when bloggers all across the blogosphere blog against abuse, and my choice is to present a beautiful video with the voice and philosophy of the deceased scientist Carl Sagan.

We need to stop abusing our earth, our blue pearl, our one and only precious Terra! This beautiful video makes this point with eloquence!

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Has Her Slaves Back

When we leave on our travels, we often leave the care of our home to our friend and neighbor Stacey who is such a good, loving person that all animals gravitate to her. When she comes to visit us, her cats follow her to our home. And she also has lots of her own animals, so she KNOWS animals. Thus, we feel we leave Anela in the best of hands!

However, since Stacey doesn't live here, she isn't at Anela's beck and call....and thus, when we return home, Anela is very happy indeed for we are her devoted cat slaves giving her treats multiple times a day, rubbing her ears just the way she likes them rubbed, etc.

Life is GOOD again for Queenie for her housekeeping staff has returned!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Back....and Did I Have A Heart Attack?

This is the question I'm been asking myself ever since I experienced two nights of discomfort which felt like it might be a heart attack. Each time I climbed into the wonderful, comfortable linens of the bed at the fabulous Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, I experienced what were classic heart attack signs. Prior to getting into bed, I felt great! I hadn't been drinking heavily, partying, eating a lot, drinking coffee, or exercising. However, I did indulge in the small wrapped chocolate left by the maid on the night stand.

Taken from this website, here's basically what I experienced:

"* Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in the center of the chest lasting more than a few minutes.
* Pain spreading to the shoulders, neck or arms. The pain may be mild to intense. It may feel like pressure, tightness, burning, or heavy weight. It may be located in the chest, upper abdomen, neck, jaw, or inside the arms or shoulders.
* Chest discomfort with lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath.
* Anxiety, nervousness and/or cold, sweaty skin.
* Paleness or pallor.
* Increased or irregular heart rate.
* Feeling of impending doom."

I wouldn't say I exactly felt "impending doom", but I did feel very frightened as I felt as if my heart was pounding out of my chest and wouldn't stop! What was going on? I was all alone. My partner was still downstairs gambling. Should I call 911? Was the chocolate I had just eaten tainted? A thousand thoughts raced through my head.

Immediately I ran to my remedy kit which I take with me on all trips, just in case. I'd never before experienced any of these symptoms, but I had faith that my remedies would most likely assist me--and each night they did. After many hours of applying my remedies, my heartbeat returned to normal. I didn't get much sleep, and by the time we returned to Maui, I felt quite ragged.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to check me out. I had a phone consultation with him today. He's been my doctor for ages, and I've never shown any signs of heart problems before, so we'll see what he comes up with.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A Green Christmas in August

Sandy Carlson of the blog Writing in Faith tagged me with a green meme called A Green Christmas. Since this blog is of the "green" ilk, theme, and purpose, I'm playing along. Besides I like Sandy! As I'll be traveling soon, this will be my last post for awhile unless I make a random post here and there on the road.

Here are the questions:

What is your favorite Christmas gift?

Everyone in my family getting along with no one acting-out, being crabby, or ungrateful. I've seen my share of dysfunctional Christmas holidays, and I prefer the functional ones! :Smile:

What is your best memory of Christmas?

Smells and aromas: fresh pine from decorations and Christmas trees, pecan pies just out of the oven, burning logs in the fireplace, and cinnamon.

Depending upon where you live do you have a hot or cold Christmas?

Hot since I live in Maui, Hawaii.

Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least just once?

I have tried the opposite weather as my early Christmas's were spent in chilly weather.

What do you prefer in a tree? Fake or real?

Most definitely REAL! Although there is something to be said for not having to clean up all the dry pine needles which seem to get everywhere.

What is your favorite Carol?

O Holy Night---I still get chicken-skin when I sing along with it.

What is your favorite Christmas dinner?

The traditional American dinner: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, yams, biscuits--the whole nine yards!

Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas?

No, but I once posed in a Santa hat and bikini for photos.

Have you ever seen Santa delivering gifts?

No, not in the sense that I witnessed the mythic Santa shoot down the fireplace and tip toe over to my tree and pull the gifts out of his rucksack, but I have sat on many a costumed Santa lap with Santa handing me a gift. This counts, right?

Five I'm Tagging:

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day will happen on October 15, and I plan to participate by posting with most of my blogs. However, since I will be vacationing soon and might not have another opportunity to promote this worthy cause, I decided to do so today.

Here's a little bit of information taken from the Blog Action Day website:

"On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind.

In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment."

If you feel drawn to be a part of this day, you can go to their website to sign up your blog.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

I've been extremely busy lately and finding time for blogging has been hard to do. So this week I'm not going to write a long Anela story. I will say this: we've been offered (maybe!) two young African Grey Parrots, and I've said yes to them and had some concerns if Anela would bother them. She's such a well-behaved cat, but the distraction of having two talking, smart birds in our home might be a bit much for her. So since the owner hasn't called me back on the offer, I'm not going to get too worried about Anela freaking out. :Smile:

This video made me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too.

Five Ways I Turn Back The Clock

Having often been asked my secrets to looking youthful, I've decided to post today about my choices, mistakes, and solutions to turning back the clock. Notice I said the word 'choices' for I truly believe that we aren't totally ruled by our genetics or the stars although they do have some power in the equation of looking youthful.

1. Scientific tests have revealed that those who cut calories as they age have better hearts, better blood insulin levels, and fewer signs of damage to their DNA. My choice: Skip meals, go on periodic, cleansing fasts, and eat smaller portions.

2. I drink LOTS of water and green tea to keep my skin dewy and hydrated, and I often spritz my face with an aromatherapy rejuvenating mist.

3. For many years I've chosen to keep my face out of the sun, and thus, the wrinkles are few from sun and wind exposure. Since I have fair skin with freckles, I have to really watch my sun exposure living in the Hawaiian Islands. My wake-up call came when I had to have surgery to remove two skin cancers, one of which was right next to my nose and one right on my nose. I had tried all sorts of alternative products, but the cancer wasn't going away. My dermatologist scared the living daylights out of me one day when he told me I could possibly lose my nose if I didn't have this skin cancer surgically removed. I've been left with a small scar as a remembrance of my folly in delay.

4. I've made a choice to limit my alcohol intake because of health and vanity reasons. Having made the mistake from time to time of drinking too much alcohol, I could see the immediate results the next morning in the mirror which freaked me out. I also don't smoke or choose to be around someone who smokes because my complexion and health suffers. Both alcohol and cigarettes are almost as bad as the sun for promoting wrinkles.

5. Eating processed food, fast food, sodas, or milk products makes you age faster. Instead I choose to eat local fresh fruit, vegetables, and wild salmon. Eating this ways not only keeps my weight down but makes my eyes shiny and sparkling.

I received this wonderful award this week from Suzanne. Mahalo Nui Lo Suzanne!

And I'm passing on the award to:

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Link Love Thursday

One of my blog contacts, Hot Dog Man, is promoting this viral linking list, and so I'm participating because 1. viral linking helps all these blogging folks 2. it's better than a virus that'll make you sick 3. for the heck of it! :Smile:

Talk About Link Love Thursday!!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Animal Alerts

This EARLY EARLY morning Anela walked into our bedroom and let out a loud Roar! Anela never does this, so both my partner and myself were wondering what the heck was going on. He got up to investigate, and he saw nothing out of order. He fixed her an early breakfast and gave her some snacks, but the snacks (as of the moment I'm writing this post) are still sitting there which is not all normal as Anela gobbles them up quickly. Something is definitely UP, and I feel Anela was trying to warn us of something. What she was trying to tell us we're not entirely sure, but perhaps she is trying to tell us about impending earth changes or earth quakes.

BTW, this photo was taken two days ago when Anela was relaxed and not stressed as she is now. Don't you love it when they sleep like this with one paw up in the air?

So the second warning came to us from of all things a mynah bird. We have lots of mynah birds always flying around on our property, but never has one appeared to make a loud squacking noise directly in front of us while we're sitting in our jacuzzi this morning. Both of us were startled by this noise and close proximity! So now we have had alerts from a cat and a bird--we shall see if anything weird happens!

My other blog, Who's Yo Mama?, is getting ready to have her 400th Post Birthday Party! The countdown is on! Won't you drop by and wish her a Happy Birthday? And if you feel so inclined, I'm also hosting a blog contest there too!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The "C" Word Can Be Scary

One of the subjects which I read about in the alternative health news is *Cancer*. This word strikes fear into most people. Even with all the research involved in determining the cause of cancer, there are still way too many people dying from this horrible disease. Of course there are accusations the cure for cancer has been found and suppressed by greedy pharmaceutical companies and others who would stand to loose a lot should a cancer cure be found. The research/cause/complexities/and politics of cancer is a big one.

The truth is out there, and hopefully, within my lifetime, cancer will be a thing of the past. In the meantime, I read lots and lots of articles and scour the web for alternative cancer research websites and products as well as read mainstream medical articles and posts. There are so many websites and posts that it would take me a long time to list them all. Today I'm just going to share some of the *alternative* posts and websites I've surfed to RECENTLY:

"Moon, Breast-Cancer Surgery and Menstrual Cycles"

Natural Cancer Therapy

Vitamin B17

"An Astonishingly Bright Side Within Darkness"

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Battling For Life

This video has been seen by over 9 million people, but just in case you missed it, I'm posting it here on The Art Of Living and Dying blog. I've never seen a video which more exemplifies the battle for life. A pride of lions, a courageous herd of buffalo, and two crocodiles battle it out for a baby buffalo at a watering hole in South Africa. This video will surely take your breath away as it did mine!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How To Maintain Your Stamina

Many people ask me how I accomplish so much--where do I get my energy? And I'm going to share with you some of what I tell others. My disclaimer: just as everyone else cycles through their own circadian rhythms, emotional issues, good days and bad, etc., so do I. There are some days, I don't get a lot done, and that's ok too. Pushing ourselves too hard has become an American way of life, and if you're pushing, you're not doing yourself any good. Energy should flow from a reservoir of good health.

One other point: I'm not associated with any specific companies, nor do I write Pay Per Posts. I'm not an affiliate, nor am I promoting one company over another. I'm constantly experimenting with new alternative products, and the ones I'm listing are simply the current ones I'm using.

With that said, here are the health products I'm using which sustain my energy:

Maca: good for stamina and energy, hormone balance, endocrine function, mental focus, and emotional balance. I prefer to use a maca product which is certified organic and in powdered form so I can stir it into juice.

Pure Brown Seaweed Extract: good for absorbing heavy metals and helps detox from lead, mercury, uranium, and strontium

Aloe Vera Juice: best made from 100% organically grown aloe vera leaves. and the benefits are too numerous too mention. Ancient civilizations considered the plant to be of the greatest value in healing.

Miracle II Neutralizer: truly a Miracle product. The high alkaline content helps tummy aches, heart-burn, and stress.

All Day Energy Greens: one of those green products with everything in it but the kitchen sink! One teaspoon added to drinks is all it takes to get your greens for the day.

Quantum Waters This is the only product I'm listing by company name because I know of no other company who makes the same kind of product. Maybe there are other companies, but I don't know about them. These quantum waters are subtle energy products, and I'm on my fourth week of their Four Step System. I've noticed a distinct improvement in my overall energy.

I also recommend wearing a product which protects you from electromagnetism, elf, etc. and to drink lots of organic green tea.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cats on Tuesday--Anela Cubed

There was an earthquake today on another Hawaiian Island, and Anela was a bit edgy prior to the earthquake. Of course, I didn't know why she was acting this way. I thought perhaps she was sensing the arrival of the hurricane "Flossie".

For those of us on Maui, we're not expected to have an encounter with Flossie as Flossie is supposed to pass south of the Big Island, and the most we can expect is a bit of rain which I would welcome. However, one never knows about hurricanes as sometimes they change course.

I will keep a close eye on Anela to discern any signs of anxiety. In the meantime, I have cubed her using the Dumpr photo program. Doesn't she look lovely and unusual in this design?

Come and enter the blog contest I'm having at another one of my blogs, Who's Yo Mama?!