Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

I took this photo of my cat Anela last week, and I like it very much because it captures her spooky self. All cats are by their very nature supernatural. They see and feel subtle energies, and then they inform us of these energies in a variety of ways. Anela likes to stare me down until I pay attention. Or she stares intently at an empty space in the room until I 'get it'! Duh....we are having a visitation by something that isn't within our normal sensory perception realm! Mahalo Anela for the heads-up.

This is just one of the many reasons I'm fascinated with cats. They have amazing gifts of seeing into other realms, other dimensions. Sometimes Anela gets weirded-out, and it's not always because the garbage truck or the gardener's truck are approaching on the roadway. It's something else. This 'something else' always makes me pay attention to what she's sensing. Cats are known to be good earthquake predictors.

Cats are also great people readers. Of course, different cats respond in different ways to people, but generally, I've observed that if Anela doesn't like someone, I am usually right there with her. And vice versa. I wish I could plumb her mind and emotions for data on the cat killer that once stalked our neighborhood. I'm sure she must know who it is. If only I could know everything she knows! We would make a great detective team.

Anela grew up with Blu, another cat we adopted. However, while we were away on vacation one year many years ago, Blu took the bait with poison in it that the freak killer threw out on the roadway, a poison with meat wrapped around it. Later on, we received a knock on the door from someone from the county investigating the animal deaths in our neighborhood. There was a big reward out to nab this horrible person by the Humane Society. I have left a message on the message machine of the head of the Humane Society to follow-up on what happened with this reward and/or the completion of this crime. If I don't hear back before I post this blog, I'll post the information next Tuesday.

I was so upset about all the animals being killed, I called a professional animal communicator. He told me some information about the killer, but he couldn't give me an address, name or phone number. He said the killer was doing this to make sacrifices. In recent years, the killer hasn't struck, so that makes me relieved! Why they picked our neighborhood I don't know for sure, but I have my suspicions. The good news he told me was our lovable cat Blu had reincarnated as a white mare in upcountry Kula and was loitering in green pastures. I like to hold that image in my mind, and whenever I drive by an upcountry pasture, I think of Blu.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Almost Eaten By A Shark

Photo: terragalleria

I know I'm a week late posting about this story of an Australian abalone diver nearly swallowed by a Great White Shark, but I am finally getting around to it. The news is full of amazing and bizarre stories which intrigue me. However, this one really blew me away. Maybe you've already seen the very-much-alive diver on tv speaking from his hospital bed, but if by chance, you missed this story, here's the MSNBC.com link to it.

What I find most fascinating is his will to live and quick thinking. His right arm was stuck inside the shark's body already, but he managed to get his left arm around to poke the shark's eye which caused the shark to loosen his grip. This allowed him to wriggle free even though he was mostly inside the shark's body! The end result: some lacerations and a broken nose. And he's alive to describe what it's like being inside of a shark. This is a story I'm sure lots of people may (then again, they may not!) want to hear.

Ever since the movie Jaws put people in total terror of sharks, sharks have captured the fearful imaginations of the populace. All we have to do is hear the musical notes for the Jaws soundtrack, and we know something bad is coming. Probably more than snakes, spiders, or other venomous creatures, sharks are feared. I admit when I swim far out in the ocean, I have to push through my fear as well. It's only natural.

Living in the Hawaiian Islands, we frequently hear of shark attacks. I don't think we have as many shark attacks as Australia though. Just last year, a girl was standing in shallow water at Makena Beach on Maui, and a shark attacked her. She was one of the lucky ones like the diver and survived due to the help of her near-by friends.

What made the shark bypass all the other body surfers and swimmers and come so close to shore to pick on her? These are some of the things I wonder about. Is it simply the odds? Or something else? I'd really like to know. I love the ocean and love to swim in it. Perhaps there will eventually be developed an anti-shark lotion by some whiz kid! This would make the ocean a lot more beckoning for many I am sure.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Children's Books

There are a LOT of homeschooled kids on Maui, the island where I live. Although my children are grown, I honor the mothers who choose to go this route for it's a lot of work. Many such mothers would be delighted to discover the informative blog Little Fun Little Learning which is chock full of resources for Moms Who Homeschool.

Reading over the January 22 posting by Revka, the blogger, I saw that she posted about children's books with her suggestions. Which brings me to my posting:

I LOVE children's books! Always have! I didn't realize HOW MUCH until this Christmas when I was leaving the Safeway grocery store, and I spied a huge, messy bin of children's books. I screeched to a stop with my shopping cart and proceeded to browse this goldmine! So many authors who had created mini masterpieces, and here they were awaiting eager eyes and ears to appreciate them for such a small amount of money! So I bought some as gifts. Of course, I had to read them first. Who says adults can't enjoy children's books!?

Children's books are some of the most amazing book creations: colorful, imaginative, great stories, amazing art, wonderful teaching tools, and FUN!

The photo above is of my daughter with some of her students who regularly visit a Senior's Center on Maui. It's a good thing to bring these generations together, just as it's a good thing to allow your Inner Child to enjoy children's books.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

These photos depict some of the stages of life of our (now mature) cat Anela! The last one was created by my friend Marjorie depicting Anela as Party Cat and Running The Show! Trust me, Anela has given up her partying ways with age, but she STILL runs the show here at our Maui home.

For those that haven't followed the "Anela storyline", here's a bit of back story:

Anela was given to me by my cat-lover friend, Basha, who volunteered at the Maui Humane Society cat room tending to their cats. Anela had been abandoned at a young age, and Basha had been feeding her with a tiny baby bottle, and she thought Anela would help me get over my grieving about Lucky, our cat that had been hit by a car.

So baby Anela was presented to me by Basha with a gigantic red bow around her neck (almost as big as she was!), and the rest is history. My heart melted, and I wanted this adorable kitty so badly. I took possession of her that day.

From day one, Anela ruled our home because she had our hearts. She was so tiny as you can tell by the photos. By the way, that twinkling stuff on my forehead really caught the light in the photograph, so it looks bigger than it was. In those days, I was given to installing small, sparkly things on my forehead. That was my Goddess Stage. I guess we all go through different stages as we mature, eh?

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Slow Food Meets Fast Food Nation

There is a new dark comedy movie currently playing in the theaters. Maybe you've already seen or heard about it? Called "Fast Food Nation" with a celebrated ensemble cast including Kris Kristofferson, Ethan Hawke, Greg Kinnear, Wilmer Valderrama, Patricia Arquette and others, this film was inspired by the bestseller that exposed hidden facts about the fast food industry. This is a recommended movie by me. It will open your eyes!

Check out the Slow Food Organization as well. Now an international 80,000-member-strong organization, this organization was "founded to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people's dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world." Their blog is located here.

I'm totally impressed with both the movie and the organization! Read more ABOUT them and their founder in this latest Vital Choices newsletter.

Here are some book recommendations to support your awakening around fast food and eating fast:

The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, & Weight Loss by Marc David

The Zen of Eating by R.Kabatznick

One Bowl: A Guide to Eating for Body and Spirit by Don Gerrard

French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano

The French Diet: Why French Women Don't Get Fat by Michel Montignac

May you live long and THRIVE!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Keeping the Castle Pantry Stocked With Gourmet Goodies

I was scanning the blog Keeping The Castle which is a very informative blog with great "tips, advice, and resources on housekeeping and homemaking" when I spied a very interesting post. It was the Jan. 15th post about gourmet food.

My eyes, ears, and nose perked up, and I followed the link to Formaggio Kitchen," a unique gourmet foods shop specializing in small production artisan cheeses & charcuterie, hand-made sweets, staples for your pantry, hard-to-find spices and salts, and gifts for food lovers everywhere." Paydirt! Mahalo, Keeping The Castle Blog!

This is the kind of store I love to browse and shop in, but alas on Maui, Hawaii, there isn't any such gourmet store! However, Formaggio Kitchen ships. Aren't we lucky we live in these "interesting times"? I shopped around a bit and liked MOST everything. Some of the interesting gourmet products which caught my eye were Aldo Arnato's Pepeoncino flakes from Liguria, Italy--just a pinch of these dried peppers will bring many dishes alive! I also liked the white truffle salt, although I've never tried it. I've been using the pure Himalayan Salt which is a salt that hasn't been stomped on with chemicals and who knows what else they put in regular table salt. I've got a feeling this white truffle salt would be very healthy. I hope so for the price! I drooled over the Capp'Aris Capers in Sea Salt. I know they would probably make me retain water, but what the heck--I'll be good the following day and loose it again.

Life is short. We need to treat ourselves sometimes to luxuries if and when we can afford it. A pantry stocked with gourmet food items is the kind of pantry every castle (home) should have. Rather than processed foods like Captain Crunch and Jiffy peanut butter, a pantry with healthy, well-made, quality foods is my ideal. And they don't ALL have to come from the health food store either.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

So now you see the Famous Cat Trick Anela does for my partner, Bob! I posted about this trick that SHE taught Bob last week for Cats on Tuesday. This week I also show her favorite cat treats. We have tried many brands, but this brand is the one she is craziest about. Are you reading this, "Temptations" company? Maybe you feel inclined to send us a boatload of cat treats for the rest of Anela's life for this conspicuous product placement, eh? :-)

Back to Anela and her life: among her LEAST favorite things are the garbage truck and the gardener. I don't know which one she detests more. She hauls a$$ for the closet or under OUR bed (she has her very OWN under-the-bed hideout too!) whenever she hears the sounds their trucks make approaching our home. In truth, I feel the same shudder as she does for the noise of their vehicles is disturbing to our peace, quiet, and sanity.

The gardener's rusty old truck has a distinctive clankety sound. The garbage truck sounds like a big old monster lumbering down the street. Neither are the normal sweet sounds we regularly hear such as our all-day bird chorus, our soft music, or our Golden Silence. No, these truck sounds are scary and disruptive. Every cat in the neighborhood runs and hides when they hear these sounds.

Cats have extremely sensitive hearing, and I once read about the multiple sensitivity points in a cat's ears--far more than humans. Of course, cats also get ear mites which you need to take care of because they are as itchy and disruptive as noisy trucks for a cat. Anela loves her ears rubbed, and she is so darned psychic that as I'm writing this, she came for a quickie ear rub!

When Anela occasionally gets into a cat fight (as she did this week), her ears flatten against her head. I tell her she looks very funny with flat ears, but she doesn't care what I say at that moment for she is usually in a very bad mood.

Her cat battles must be successful ones. They usually happen at night, and I have only seen one scratch on her nose or body. This leads me to think she either must be the victor, or that she knows when to run for her cat door and safety. Most likely, I would venture it's the latter because she's not much of a fighter. Maybe when she was young. Nowadays she doesn't even hunt birds and bring them home as treats for us. The times have changed.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Exercise As Your Sleep Aid

Photo: terragalleria

I read the latest post on Nature Mom's blog about exercise as the best sleep aid-- a very informative post-- and I urge others to read it too. I'm a big believer in exercise as a sleep-aid. I betcha it's the world's oldest, natural sleep aid. Heck, if you're exhausted, you just naturally sleep! You can even sleep standing or sitting straight up. I've watched my partner do this many a time after a long day of hard physical labor.

I rarely have a problem konking out after hitting my bed, but there are nights when (like many others) my mind is racing, and I too can't seem to fall off to sleep. It's not because of coffee before bedtime either. However, I'm never been tempted to get on any of the prescriptions advertised on television or in the magazines like Ambien or Lunesta. I've heard too many scary stories about people who've experienced adverse affects from these prescription drugs.

For awhile I was experiencing (along with my partner) night time leg cramps which would cause me to wake-up in the middle of the night to shake out the cramps, and then I would have a bit of a challenge returning to sleep. I discovered if I tired my eyes through reading (either on the computer or a particularly heavy-duty, serious book), I would get sleepy again. If all else fails, we have a couch, "our sleepy-time couch". This is an older, leather, forest green couch which we've had since the dark ages, but it's still in good shape. All one has to do is to lie down on this 'sleepy-time couch' and in less than fifteen minutes, you are absolutely, completely asleep. It is fool-proof, and we dare anyone with insomnia to defy the sleep-inducing quality of this couch. Even people who merely sit down on this couch somehow find themselves wanting to get prone. And even if you're not a bit tired or sleepy, you will become so lying on this couch.

We have conjectured WHY this couch is so sleep-inducing, and here's some of our wild speculations: a. there is a vortex at this specific location where the couch sits which pulls you magnetically downwards and inwards to dreamland b. the thought form of deep sleep has been left upon the couch by so many sleepy others which thus transmits this information to whomever sits or lies here, and c. our couch is haunted by sleepy-time ghosts. Your thoughts?

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

Anela (Hawaiian for angel) must have done something really great in her past lifetime(s) because she's got it made-in-the-shade chez our home in this one of hers. Look at her dishes, for example. She has great china to dine upon. One photo is of her MANY cat treats. She comes and goes as she pleases. She sleeps all day if she feels like it. She doesn't pay ridiculous interest rates on credit cards because the credit card companies feel they want to stick it to you and can get away with it. She can play with other cats in the neighborhood and then rush back here through her cat-door if she's tired. She is one LUCKY cat. P.S. She got the message at a young age: do not scratch the furniture. There are plenty of trees and other goodies outside. Take the urge with you outdoors. She got it!

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Monday, January 08, 2007

New Technologies

Photo: terragalleria

I've been doing a bit of research into new technologies. Some I perceive as beneficial--and some not so beneficial imho. One of them may eventually be delayed by consumer outrage and dismissal--and one may end up being the next best thing to creme cheese. I bring your attention to two new articles which reference these technologies which may impact our health and well-being in the very near future. The first one I say: "Ewww, no thanks...I'll pass!" and the second one sounds provocative. I need more information in regards to this one. Is this self-cleaning fabric a kissing cousin to polyester? Maybe the fabric has applications where it would be used on certain occasions--like in the military or long vacations? Let me know your thoughts/feelings about these new technologies, ok?

Here are the articles:

"Approval of Cloned Food Leaves Consumers Unprotected"


"Self-Cleaning Underwear Goes Weeks Without Washing"

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

As everyone knows who has cats or are cat slaves, cats can read our minds, or rather they may put thoughts into our minds. In any event, our cat Anela is very clever in that B. thinks he has trained HER to stand on her hind legs for treats. He is very proud of himself for training her, and she is very proud of herself for training him. They both like the trick. It's their intimate moment when they make contact. Other than tending to her every need (such as opening the sliding glass door even though the available cat door is one foot away), B. never touches her for he is allergic to cats.

It used to be that when a cat would even walk through a room, he would grow red and blotchy. Now he's mutated, and this doesn't occur anymore. However, because he doesn't want to take any chances and maybe stop breathing, he never touches Anela. Nevertheless, she is quite fond of him and likes to stay nearby him. Actually, since she is mostly a feral cat, she isn't that thrilled about being picked up either. I and maybe a few others can do so, and she tolerates an occasional love crunch from us. She loves parties though, and if a party is going on, she is right in the middle of it--but staying far enough away from the grasp of others for a love crunch. She's very smart about her distances and knows how to flee hands that stroke or pet unless she ALLOWS it.

I threaten her all the time with the humiliating thought I might take a photo of her and put it on websites like Stuff On My Cat or Cats In Sinks.

However, she knows as well as I that I would have to drug her first. She's way too fast, too smart, and too good of a mind reader.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Health Predictions

Hosted By SparkleTags.com
Hosted By SparkleTags.com

Reading through the long lists made by other seers, prophets, astrologers, numerologists, and your everyday intuitive, I thought hey, why don't I step up to the plate with a few of my own predictions for 2007 specifically related to health? I must preface my list of predictions with this caveat: there is ZERO sure thing when it comes to predictions! So here goes:

1. Influenza could re-occur, and thus, it's wise to buff up your immune system, have on stock various health supplies, and become very health-aware. Free yourself from as much selfishness, anger, self-pity, fear, envy and other negative emotions as possible. This excess baggage of negativity won't be needed, and your frequency will rise which will in turn protect yourself against contagious diseases and bad health.

2. Revelations and news about our food supplies will continue to shock and dismay, and people in general will become much more careful and aware of what they put into their bodies and question the sources. As a result of this, many will plant their own gardens who have never done so before.

3. Africa will continue to draw attention to its health and famine challenges, and many from other nations will rally to help with more aid of all kinds.

4. Energy medicine will gain ground as more people become aware of themselves as "energy beings", and the 'woo-woo' taint of energy medicine will begin to disappear.

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