Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Health Predictions

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Reading through the long lists made by other seers, prophets, astrologers, numerologists, and your everyday intuitive, I thought hey, why don't I step up to the plate with a few of my own predictions for 2007 specifically related to health? I must preface my list of predictions with this caveat: there is ZERO sure thing when it comes to predictions! So here goes:

1. Influenza could re-occur, and thus, it's wise to buff up your immune system, have on stock various health supplies, and become very health-aware. Free yourself from as much selfishness, anger, self-pity, fear, envy and other negative emotions as possible. This excess baggage of negativity won't be needed, and your frequency will rise which will in turn protect yourself against contagious diseases and bad health.

2. Revelations and news about our food supplies will continue to shock and dismay, and people in general will become much more careful and aware of what they put into their bodies and question the sources. As a result of this, many will plant their own gardens who have never done so before.

3. Africa will continue to draw attention to its health and famine challenges, and many from other nations will rally to help with more aid of all kinds.

4. Energy medicine will gain ground as more people become aware of themselves as "energy beings", and the 'woo-woo' taint of energy medicine will begin to disappear.

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