Monday, January 29, 2007

Almost Eaten By A Shark

Photo: terragalleria

I know I'm a week late posting about this story of an Australian abalone diver nearly swallowed by a Great White Shark, but I am finally getting around to it. The news is full of amazing and bizarre stories which intrigue me. However, this one really blew me away. Maybe you've already seen the very-much-alive diver on tv speaking from his hospital bed, but if by chance, you missed this story, here's the link to it.

What I find most fascinating is his will to live and quick thinking. His right arm was stuck inside the shark's body already, but he managed to get his left arm around to poke the shark's eye which caused the shark to loosen his grip. This allowed him to wriggle free even though he was mostly inside the shark's body! The end result: some lacerations and a broken nose. And he's alive to describe what it's like being inside of a shark. This is a story I'm sure lots of people may (then again, they may not!) want to hear.

Ever since the movie Jaws put people in total terror of sharks, sharks have captured the fearful imaginations of the populace. All we have to do is hear the musical notes for the Jaws soundtrack, and we know something bad is coming. Probably more than snakes, spiders, or other venomous creatures, sharks are feared. I admit when I swim far out in the ocean, I have to push through my fear as well. It's only natural.

Living in the Hawaiian Islands, we frequently hear of shark attacks. I don't think we have as many shark attacks as Australia though. Just last year, a girl was standing in shallow water at Makena Beach on Maui, and a shark attacked her. She was one of the lucky ones like the diver and survived due to the help of her near-by friends.

What made the shark bypass all the other body surfers and swimmers and come so close to shore to pick on her? These are some of the things I wonder about. Is it simply the odds? Or something else? I'd really like to know. I love the ocean and love to swim in it. Perhaps there will eventually be developed an anti-shark lotion by some whiz kid! This would make the ocean a lot more beckoning for many I am sure.

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TorAa said...

The story you refered to, has gone all over the globe, even as far away as Norway.I'm not able to image what battle that must have been.
The odd thing is, scientist claims sharks are endangered, not by direct threat by humans, but indirectly from human catch of other species and demolition of corral reeves. True or not, I don't know.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

That is so amazing!!!

I'm terribly afraid of sharks and I can never relax when swimming in the open ocean because of it.