Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

As everyone knows who has cats or are cat slaves, cats can read our minds, or rather they may put thoughts into our minds. In any event, our cat Anela is very clever in that B. thinks he has trained HER to stand on her hind legs for treats. He is very proud of himself for training her, and she is very proud of herself for training him. They both like the trick. It's their intimate moment when they make contact. Other than tending to her every need (such as opening the sliding glass door even though the available cat door is one foot away), B. never touches her for he is allergic to cats.

It used to be that when a cat would even walk through a room, he would grow red and blotchy. Now he's mutated, and this doesn't occur anymore. However, because he doesn't want to take any chances and maybe stop breathing, he never touches Anela. Nevertheless, she is quite fond of him and likes to stay nearby him. Actually, since she is mostly a feral cat, she isn't that thrilled about being picked up either. I and maybe a few others can do so, and she tolerates an occasional love crunch from us. She loves parties though, and if a party is going on, she is right in the middle of it--but staying far enough away from the grasp of others for a love crunch. She's very smart about her distances and knows how to flee hands that stroke or pet unless she ALLOWS it.

I threaten her all the time with the humiliating thought I might take a photo of her and put it on websites like Stuff On My Cat or Cats In Sinks.

However, she knows as well as I that I would have to drug her first. She's way too fast, too smart, and too good of a mind reader.

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Anonymous said...

She sounds like a great cat. :) My husband is allergic to cats, which is one of the reasons we have a Sphynx - some people with allergies can tolerate them, others can't. Fortunately, my hubby is one of those who can.

It's amazing how well cats can train us humans!

tiggerprr said...

That post DOES go very well with my Wordless Wednesday picture! LOL Was a delight to read! Thanks for stopping by! :)

ajen said...

i so love the picture of the cat on the toilet... it looks like my cat shroeder... hmmm maybe he does that when we are not in the house and when it is raining outside. teehee ...love your blog

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget CATS ON TUESDAY and PLEASE read the rules
Sorry, this is a standard comment as I don't know how to remind you otherwise. Any idea ?

Had to have a glance at Anela ! As you can see I am back from 2 weeks of Sunshine and 78F ! Nothing special for you, but for me yes lol !