Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

Anela (Hawaiian for angel) must have done something really great in her past lifetime(s) because she's got it made-in-the-shade chez our home in this one of hers. Look at her dishes, for example. She has great china to dine upon. One photo is of her MANY cat treats. She comes and goes as she pleases. She sleeps all day if she feels like it. She doesn't pay ridiculous interest rates on credit cards because the credit card companies feel they want to stick it to you and can get away with it. She can play with other cats in the neighborhood and then rush back here through her cat-door if she's tired. She is one LUCKY cat. P.S. She got the message at a young age: do not scratch the furniture. There are plenty of trees and other goodies outside. Take the urge with you outdoors. She got it!

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srp said...

I scrolled on down and Anela is quite the princess... and it looks like she lives in style. We spoil our cats too, although they feel as if they deserve it.

Gattina said...

Anela has a service like the queen of England ! Nice of you that you played again. This time COT (Just realized that Cat "at" Tuesday would fit better) went better and I think in a few time it will expand. It's already quite good so far there are about 20 members, considering that it's only 6 weeks ago and with the holidays in between. I think people have a lot of fun to write once a week about their cats. The stories they are telling are so nice and I laughed a lot yesterday. As you can see from my writer blog I had great holidays !