Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

So now you see the Famous Cat Trick Anela does for my partner, Bob! I posted about this trick that SHE taught Bob last week for Cats on Tuesday. This week I also show her favorite cat treats. We have tried many brands, but this brand is the one she is craziest about. Are you reading this, "Temptations" company? Maybe you feel inclined to send us a boatload of cat treats for the rest of Anela's life for this conspicuous product placement, eh? :-)

Back to Anela and her life: among her LEAST favorite things are the garbage truck and the gardener. I don't know which one she detests more. She hauls a$$ for the closet or under OUR bed (she has her very OWN under-the-bed hideout too!) whenever she hears the sounds their trucks make approaching our home. In truth, I feel the same shudder as she does for the noise of their vehicles is disturbing to our peace, quiet, and sanity.

The gardener's rusty old truck has a distinctive clankety sound. The garbage truck sounds like a big old monster lumbering down the street. Neither are the normal sweet sounds we regularly hear such as our all-day bird chorus, our soft music, or our Golden Silence. No, these truck sounds are scary and disruptive. Every cat in the neighborhood runs and hides when they hear these sounds.

Cats have extremely sensitive hearing, and I once read about the multiple sensitivity points in a cat's ears--far more than humans. Of course, cats also get ear mites which you need to take care of because they are as itchy and disruptive as noisy trucks for a cat. Anela loves her ears rubbed, and she is so darned psychic that as I'm writing this, she came for a quickie ear rub!

When Anela occasionally gets into a cat fight (as she did this week), her ears flatten against her head. I tell her she looks very funny with flat ears, but she doesn't care what I say at that moment for she is usually in a very bad mood.

Her cat battles must be successful ones. They usually happen at night, and I have only seen one scratch on her nose or body. This leads me to think she either must be the victor, or that she knows when to run for her cat door and safety. Most likely, I would venture it's the latter because she's not much of a fighter. Maybe when she was young. Nowadays she doesn't even hunt birds and bring them home as treats for us. The times have changed.

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Anonymous said...

Anela definitively is NOT like lady Chatterley and also doesn't hear the postman twice (or rang he 3 times ?) But her pose for treats is for a painter and a scratched nose was maybe from a passionate cat kiss ? You should see Arthur's nose it looks like a map of highways ! And he is not a fighter either !

Anonymous said...

Hi, it seems you have a real personality there. Prefering Saumon. Our cats loves fresh pollock filets and as dryfood: Purina One.
Sounds they hate and run away from: #1 The Vacuum Cleaner. #2 The Door Bell.
# Bringing in the Travel cadge from the Basement.
Vanished even faster than Lucky Luke can shoot.LoL.

Nice picture and an adoreable Cat you have.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog. You live in a lovely place. I have the same problem: living in the woods of Vermont -- no traffic, just woods and meadows. My garbage truck comes two times a month and you would think the end of the world had come the way the cats scatter in terror. Why don't they become accostomed to the routine? You have to be right: the awful noise!