Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

These photos depict some of the stages of life of our (now mature) cat Anela! The last one was created by my friend Marjorie depicting Anela as Party Cat and Running The Show! Trust me, Anela has given up her partying ways with age, but she STILL runs the show here at our Maui home.

For those that haven't followed the "Anela storyline", here's a bit of back story:

Anela was given to me by my cat-lover friend, Basha, who volunteered at the Maui Humane Society cat room tending to their cats. Anela had been abandoned at a young age, and Basha had been feeding her with a tiny baby bottle, and she thought Anela would help me get over my grieving about Lucky, our cat that had been hit by a car.

So baby Anela was presented to me by Basha with a gigantic red bow around her neck (almost as big as she was!), and the rest is history. My heart melted, and I wanted this adorable kitty so badly. I took possession of her that day.

From day one, Anela ruled our home because she had our hearts. She was so tiny as you can tell by the photos. By the way, that twinkling stuff on my forehead really caught the light in the photograph, so it looks bigger than it was. In those days, I was given to installing small, sparkly things on my forehead. That was my Goddess Stage. I guess we all go through different stages as we mature, eh?

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Gattina said...

Such a cute little face ! She really was an adorable baby. Still is a very nice looking cat ! BTW you too, lol ! I never had my hair long, the longest was until my shoulders, but that is looooong time ago. Yes our doctor is really rare nowadays !

Elizabeth said...

It's impossible not to fall in love with a kitten. I used to bottle feed at our local humane society. It would have been so easy to put one in my pocket and take it home!

Anonymous said...

Can't help falling for such a sweety. Adoreable.
I so well understand you wanted a new cat as soon as possible after loosing a beloved member of the family. hit by a car.
We have lost 3. On the same spot. a cats trap, on a very curvy road with 40 feet right up, and 65 feet right down to the sea.