Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

I took this photo of my cat Anela last week, and I like it very much because it captures her spooky self. All cats are by their very nature supernatural. They see and feel subtle energies, and then they inform us of these energies in a variety of ways. Anela likes to stare me down until I pay attention. Or she stares intently at an empty space in the room until I 'get it'! Duh....we are having a visitation by something that isn't within our normal sensory perception realm! Mahalo Anela for the heads-up.

This is just one of the many reasons I'm fascinated with cats. They have amazing gifts of seeing into other realms, other dimensions. Sometimes Anela gets weirded-out, and it's not always because the garbage truck or the gardener's truck are approaching on the roadway. It's something else. This 'something else' always makes me pay attention to what she's sensing. Cats are known to be good earthquake predictors.

Cats are also great people readers. Of course, different cats respond in different ways to people, but generally, I've observed that if Anela doesn't like someone, I am usually right there with her. And vice versa. I wish I could plumb her mind and emotions for data on the cat killer that once stalked our neighborhood. I'm sure she must know who it is. If only I could know everything she knows! We would make a great detective team.

Anela grew up with Blu, another cat we adopted. However, while we were away on vacation one year many years ago, Blu took the bait with poison in it that the freak killer threw out on the roadway, a poison with meat wrapped around it. Later on, we received a knock on the door from someone from the county investigating the animal deaths in our neighborhood. There was a big reward out to nab this horrible person by the Humane Society. I have left a message on the message machine of the head of the Humane Society to follow-up on what happened with this reward and/or the completion of this crime. If I don't hear back before I post this blog, I'll post the information next Tuesday.

I was so upset about all the animals being killed, I called a professional animal communicator. He told me some information about the killer, but he couldn't give me an address, name or phone number. He said the killer was doing this to make sacrifices. In recent years, the killer hasn't struck, so that makes me relieved! Why they picked our neighborhood I don't know for sure, but I have my suspicions. The good news he told me was our lovable cat Blu had reincarnated as a white mare in upcountry Kula and was loitering in green pastures. I like to hold that image in my mind, and whenever I drive by an upcountry pasture, I think of Blu.

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Gattina said...

I have the same feelings about cats ! Here they say if a cat is washing behind her ears that means it will rain the following days. And it is true !! It's far better than the weather forecast. The only thing I wonder about do all cats living in dry areas have dirty ears ?
Anela looks like an anorexic cat !

BTW you should see what our son bought in Thailand, a T-shirt "Puma" but there is a poodle on, it's really funny. I posted it for Wordless Wednesday. Then you can also see my little baby of 2 m and 100 kgs !

meeyauw said...

I agree with you: cats have senses available to them that we know nothing about. More research is needed.

Our society really needs to do more about animal killers. It has been shown how it is symptomatic of personalities that eventually harm people. Yet barely anything about it!

I hope you have a great week!

TorAa said...

yeh, cats know excatly what we two legs are about to to. we can't talk about anything that might be the least unpleast for our two. like giving them their pill, drive them to a catsitter, having guests for dinner etc. and the second you think about vacuumcleaning, they are gone.
On the other hand: They twist us around the paws, peace of cate.

What a horrible story - people killing cats that way. I know some, not to bright, teenagers happens to do things like that, but this... Need a Tiger here..

Nice blog you have, says a guy in Norway

Meow said...

I agree ... cats are very intuitive (and sometimes very, very sneaky !!!) creatures. That's one of the things I looooove about them.
Take care, Meow