Thursday, January 25, 2007

Children's Books

There are a LOT of homeschooled kids on Maui, the island where I live. Although my children are grown, I honor the mothers who choose to go this route for it's a lot of work. Many such mothers would be delighted to discover the informative blog Little Fun Little Learning which is chock full of resources for Moms Who Homeschool.

Reading over the January 22 posting by Revka, the blogger, I saw that she posted about children's books with her suggestions. Which brings me to my posting:

I LOVE children's books! Always have! I didn't realize HOW MUCH until this Christmas when I was leaving the Safeway grocery store, and I spied a huge, messy bin of children's books. I screeched to a stop with my shopping cart and proceeded to browse this goldmine! So many authors who had created mini masterpieces, and here they were awaiting eager eyes and ears to appreciate them for such a small amount of money! So I bought some as gifts. Of course, I had to read them first. Who says adults can't enjoy children's books!?

Children's books are some of the most amazing book creations: colorful, imaginative, great stories, amazing art, wonderful teaching tools, and FUN!

The photo above is of my daughter with some of her students who regularly visit a Senior's Center on Maui. It's a good thing to bring these generations together, just as it's a good thing to allow your Inner Child to enjoy children's books.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, and thank you for mentioning and linking to my blog. I really appreciate it. It sounds like you found some great deals at Safeway. It's so much fun when that happens. Books open such fascinating worlds that I hate for anyone to miss out. I like your idea about allowing yourself to enjoy kids' books. They are often funny, informative, and enjoyable to read.