Thursday, January 18, 2007

Keeping the Castle Pantry Stocked With Gourmet Goodies

I was scanning the blog Keeping The Castle which is a very informative blog with great "tips, advice, and resources on housekeeping and homemaking" when I spied a very interesting post. It was the Jan. 15th post about gourmet food.

My eyes, ears, and nose perked up, and I followed the link to Formaggio Kitchen," a unique gourmet foods shop specializing in small production artisan cheeses & charcuterie, hand-made sweets, staples for your pantry, hard-to-find spices and salts, and gifts for food lovers everywhere." Paydirt! Mahalo, Keeping The Castle Blog!

This is the kind of store I love to browse and shop in, but alas on Maui, Hawaii, there isn't any such gourmet store! However, Formaggio Kitchen ships. Aren't we lucky we live in these "interesting times"? I shopped around a bit and liked MOST everything. Some of the interesting gourmet products which caught my eye were Aldo Arnato's Pepeoncino flakes from Liguria, Italy--just a pinch of these dried peppers will bring many dishes alive! I also liked the white truffle salt, although I've never tried it. I've been using the pure Himalayan Salt which is a salt that hasn't been stomped on with chemicals and who knows what else they put in regular table salt. I've got a feeling this white truffle salt would be very healthy. I hope so for the price! I drooled over the Capp'Aris Capers in Sea Salt. I know they would probably make me retain water, but what the heck--I'll be good the following day and loose it again.

Life is short. We need to treat ourselves sometimes to luxuries if and when we can afford it. A pantry stocked with gourmet food items is the kind of pantry every castle (home) should have. Rather than processed foods like Captain Crunch and Jiffy peanut butter, a pantry with healthy, well-made, quality foods is my ideal. And they don't ALL have to come from the health food store either.

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