Monday, January 08, 2007

New Technologies

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I've been doing a bit of research into new technologies. Some I perceive as beneficial--and some not so beneficial imho. One of them may eventually be delayed by consumer outrage and dismissal--and one may end up being the next best thing to creme cheese. I bring your attention to two new articles which reference these technologies which may impact our health and well-being in the very near future. The first one I say: "Ewww, no thanks...I'll pass!" and the second one sounds provocative. I need more information in regards to this one. Is this self-cleaning fabric a kissing cousin to polyester? Maybe the fabric has applications where it would be used on certain occasions--like in the military or long vacations? Let me know your thoughts/feelings about these new technologies, ok?

Here are the articles:

"Approval of Cloned Food Leaves Consumers Unprotected"


"Self-Cleaning Underwear Goes Weeks Without Washing"

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