Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

Last week I wrote about the death of our cat Blu, and I mentioned I had left a message with the Maui Humane Society. My phone call was returned, and I was updated. Here's a reporting of what I was told:

For twelve years every autumn someone performed what is called "pleasure poisoning." This was done by putting the deadly poison paraquat inside meat which was thrown by the roadway for the animals to eat. Paraquat is used to clean fields; it has a long shelf life; it's a concentrated liquid; a minute amount of this tainted meat will kill an animal, and there is no cure or antidote for it--it is highly fatal. The smell and taste of paraquat is yukky, and thus, the meat is wrapped around it to disguise the smell and taste from the animals. It is made by a company called Brewer Chemical, and they were one of the companies who offered the $10,000 reward for the killer. Paraquat used in this fashion is more often used in Hawaii to kill animals than any place in the world!

The killer stalked our neighborhood always in the autumn, and that's why the authorities surmised it might be someone either living in our neighborhood or a snowbird (those that come to the Islands in the winter months). What happens to an animal is horrible and painful, and they eventually suffocate to death. If the symptoms suggest a "classic paraquat" poisoning, the best thing to do is put your animal down to save them misery.

Several suspicious persons had been questioned by the authorities, but they couldn't find the so-called 'smoking-gun', and thus there was nothing conclusive and no arrests were made. Several years ago, it is surmised the killer either died or moved away, because there have been no more incidences. Thus, the promissory rewards were withdrawn.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, after my cat Blu had (most likely knowing Blu!) downed this tainted meat, he died. We were traveling at the time, and my daughter said he came in our home crying. Then he took off, and she eventually found him curled up under a tree dead. We didn't find out about his death until returning home, because my daughter knew it would upset us. I didn't discover the Big Story until much later when I talked to a neighbor who also lost her cat.

That was when I decided to call a well-known animal communicator and spend some money to determine what was going on. I was told by the animal communicator the killer was a woman, and she didn't live in our neighborhood--about 30 minutes away. The reason: animal sacrifice to you-know-what. I don't even want to write the word! This really baffled me. Why OUR neighborhood?

I began driving around scrutinizing our neighborhood as I have never done before playing detective. If you're really looking, you will notice things you never noticed before. And I spotted one very odd home which has me puzzling about it to this day; a five-road crossroad; and some other assorted energetics. Other than these, our neighborhood is similar to many others.

Here is how Blu came into our lives: my daughter's teacher was an animal lover, and she was constantly picking up strays and giving them a home. Her home was over-run with animals of all kinds (even a miniature horse), and she couldn't handle ONE more! However, she was driving down the street one day and witnessed kids strangling a cat. She stopped her car, and ran over and grabbed the cat. Then she asked my daughter (always every teacher's pet!), if she might be able to take it.

My daughter brought home the most mangy, scrawny, pathetic looking cat I'd ever seen. Blu's vocal cords were damaged from being strangled, so he couldn't even meow. He bleated a tiny bleat-- the best he could do. My heart went out to him, and he was adopted and nursed by our family. Blu eventually grew the MOST magnificent long, fluffy tail, and his voice returned. Once his voice returned, he never stopped talking, and that was why we called him the "talking cat". He would walk through the yard and talk to himself when he wasn't talking to us or anyone else. It was hilarious! Since he had been so deprived as a young 'un, he had a voracious appetite, and he would always dominate Anela (our cat photographed above) by quickly gulping down his food and then push her aside and eat hers too! This huge appetite was what got him in trouble. To this day, Anela only eats so much of her food as she became used to eating a certain amount before Blu took over.

Thus, Ms. Anela maintains her figure. She's not a fat cat. She's just right!

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Meow said...

What a horrible person, to purposely, needlessly, set out to kill animals. Your poor Blu ...
Take care, Meow

FelineFrisky said...

My sincere condolences. What a horrific treatment of an animal. I am so sorry that your Blu was affected.

Peace and blessings D :)

TorAa said...

First part of the entry is horrible reading. People think they are superior to animals. What a *brainless* thought.

Second part is a wonderful story, almost a fairytale.

Great entry. Love it.


PiratesGrrl said...

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. The cruelty of some people is just staggering.

meeyauw said...

Blue had such a terrible beginning. Thank God your Blu had you and you had Blue. I cannot comment on the rest: it is so awfully painful; yet you lived it and are seeking a remedy for the cruelty.

Gattina said...

I think if that would have happened here in my neighborhood, everybody (police included) would have done "detective" work until this monster had been found ! Besides a severe punishment, I am sure she would have to move away very quickly ! Poor Blu !

The code of the blogroll is just above Mr. Linky on my COT post, just click the button.

Did you know that COT means cat in polish ? I didn't know it either but my cleaning woman told me it's only written with a K.

Dana said...

That is so horrible! I am so sorry that your cat had to die in such a manner. Hopefully, this person will be caught someday.