Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

Some people feel/think animals have no emotions, or at the very least don't express them. That shows how little they have been around animals for I have witnessed many animals mourn. Take Anela (pictured above with her former cuddle-buddy Blu) when she grieved over Blu--she would walk back and forth making horrible howls for nearly a month after we returned to discover Blu had died and had been taken away for burial by our gardener.

We couldn't quiet Anela as she needed to express her grief. She had been raised with Blu since her kitten days, and his death was a huge loss to her. So she marched back and forth atop a banister expressing herself for nearly a month with plaintive howls. One day I had an idea. What if I bought her a stuffed animal? I wasn't ready to adopt another cat as I was still grieving myself.

I found a large stuffed tiger, and this tiger (photographed above) seemed to calm her. She slept by it, and in some magical way, it quieted her howling and consoled her.

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srp said...

Poor little Anela, I hope she starts to sleep with her new friend, even if he isn't real, he sure looks fluffy and snuggly.

TorAa said...

You have some very strong points here. I remember at school (primary) just after WW2, we were teached animals had instincs, but no brain to think with. To day we know who was brainless.

The story you tell here is a great proof. And living with cats gives examples evry day how smart they think.

When people say cats does not understand what I'm saying, my answer is: Can you speak cattish? Cats can understand up to 7-800 human words. ;D.

Doctor Fong said...

My kitty died today. Her name was Nosey and I loved her a lot. Give your kitties lots of love!

FelineFrisky said...

What a beautiful way to help your kitty. Blessings to you in your grief. D

Gattina said...

A very good idea indeed ! When our Max died 2 years ago (I couldn't write about him yet), he was 19 years old and had raised Lisa like a mother ! Since he is gone, Lisa became a maverick she is there for us, but ignores her cat siblings. Only stupid people think that animals have no feelings, just like Toraa said !

meeyauw said...

What a heartbreaking story! I have witnessed cat grief myself but Anela's grief is overwhelming. You are so compassionate to think of and find a solution. Thank goodness she is your cat.

Meow said...

I think people are very ignorant if they think cats and dogs have no feelings. They feel, just like we do (I think), they just don't have the words that we can understand. They can feel sadness, grief, thankfullness, love, whatever. They know when we are feeling down, and share their love with us to comfort us. I think cats (In particular) are amazingly intuitive creatures.
You buying Anela the tiger was a wonderful idea. What a great cat mummy you are.
Take care, Meow