Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

You probably have seen these books with titles that read like this, "Everything In "....", I Learned From....."-- then the title finishes with the word life, dog or sandbox or whatever. Today I am posting using this clever titling concept: "EVERYTHING ABOUT EATING I LEARNED FROM MY CAT ANELA."

1. Don't gobble your food. Eat slowly and pace yourself.

2. Don't eat all of your food in one sitting. Leave some to snack on later.

3. Always demand more food even if you have plenty. Those that don't ask for more don't get it. Plus it's good to have a full pantry, for people will want to visit you.

4. If you're not hungry, don't eat.

5. Eat in different locations to test the feng-shui of the various eating placements.

6. Eat raw as often as you can. There are more nutrients in uncooked food.

7. Snack throughout the day. Small meals are better for your digestion.

8. Never eat with your back to the door. (Another feng-shui principle practiced by Anela.)

9. Don't drink with your meal for the enzymes from your saliva need to be secreted for optimum digestion.


Dragonheart said...

Anela, nice job teaching your human all about eating. :) Those are all very important eating principles.

palapala1948@yahoo.com said...

Anela darling, I would like you to rub up against your earth mother and say , this is from Basha who appreciates and loves you and is very grateful to have a real friendship that has lasted many years. rub and purrs...Basha

meeyauw said...

I have to post those rules on the floor for mine: they are PIGS. Total PIGS. Rule #1: Eat till you vomit! Then nobody else can get it!

Your rules are much more sensible!

Luna said...

Good idea, this rules. The humans have to learn much.
Have a great week!

srp said...

These are great rules for eating... we subscribe to the one about the full bowl... especially Maggie... she won't eat if there is a tiny dip or hole in her food bowl. The rest of us eat whatever is there.


TorAa said...

Our two-legs follows all these rules after a hard and long training periode. We even had to destroy all their old recipebooks, until they understood the value. But there is one rule we so far have not been able to implement: Drinking. They drink liquids in all colours, not only plain VOSS Water. And some of the things they drink, even make them laugh and sing:))

Rosa and Felicia
=^,^= =^.^=

Kuanyin said...

A Big PURR-backatcha Basha, the cat-finder extraordinaire!

Gattina said...

With Lisa there is nothing to do she eats the whole day long ! Pookie is more zen, she nibbles delicately at her food and doesn't eat everything. Arthur seems to follow your rules and Kim she is special, she only eats when nobody is looking ! Can you understand that ??

Gen said...

Very clever, love the idea....II think this blog is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!