Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ecology Gets Its Groove Going

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Make no mistake about it, green is the politically correct statement of the day. Check out the website featured today on my other blog Way Khool Sites. Even brides are becoming ecologically conscious. A recent article in the New York Times,"How Green Was My Wedding", addressed the new popularity of green weddings.

A quote from this article sums up the new way the wedding business and brides are looking at weddings: "People in the wedding business say the eco-friendly or "green" wedding has arrived, its appeal having expanded to spur a mini-industry of stores and Web sites offering couples biodegradable plates made of sugar cane fiber and flowers grown according to sustainable farming practices. The quality and choice of products has so steadily improved that the green concept is spreading to other kinds of parties, allowing hosts to embrace the earth without sacrificing style, party planners and others say."

I have a lot of great links in my sidebar as well if you wish to explore more green products. I'm always looking around the net to see what's new in the eco world, and I discover new sites weekly. This is my find of the week: Worn Again, an English shoe manufacturer.

Their athletic shoes are made from all kinds of improbable recycled products: firemen's trousers, car seats, coffee bags, recycled leather fibers, old bike innertubes and more. They make both men and women's shoes, and their shoe line looks really cool! They also offer tips on how to reduce your ecological footprint.

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Gen said...

I wanted to thank you for your blogs. You truly have a gift to find and locate the pulse of a new generation of thought and well being. Please keep up these very informative blogs.....this information truly needs an audience...thank you for caring and sharing! Knowledge is green powered!