Friday, February 09, 2007

Help With Crossing-Over

With the unexpected, tragic death yesterday of Anna Nicole Smith, once again I have been pondering death. One of the main intentions for this blog was to write articles about death, dying, grieving, and all topics related to this subject.

And I'd like to share with my readers a wonderful resource: In Repose.

Death comes to us all, and it's wise to not be in a state of denial about it. When many die, they leave conflicting wills, loose-ends, mysteries to unravel, and not only sorrow and grief for their friends and family, but also lots of work! I've been test-driving this website, so to speak, for you never know when it's your time to cross over. Death can come unexpectedly as it did with Anna Nicole Smith.

In Repose allows you to assign a facilitator who will turn on your online memorial after you have crossed over. Other features are: messages to be delivered to individuals; an email list for others to be informed; an online memorial where you have a selection of music,photos, and videos; forums & information; and details to be attended to by the facilitator. The fee is small for this service, and I feel it's well worth it!

Here is a video of Carl Jung, one of history's most famous psychologists, speaking about the spiritual component of death: Click here.

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Carlos said...

Thanks for the Carl Jung video. It is something that we know but we don't apply ourselves and so we live in fear. It is always good to have a little philosophical push to accept the facts and live on in peace.