Thursday, February 08, 2007

Puffy Eyes

Probably many of my readers have a friend who is a walking encyclopedia or know-it-all. I do. And one day several years ago, we were discussing Bill Clinton's puffy eyes as we were watching television together. My friend is what you would call a "wise-woman": well versed in natural cures, medicine, helpful housekeeping remedies, and everything else! She was a fount of information, so I always listened to what she had to say.

She told me the number one reason Clinton had puffy eyes was that his kidneys were out of whack. And the kidneys always signified fear. Thus, she ascertained doing a face-read of him, he needed to have his kidneys checked out plus needed to release his fears.

So as I was reading Jenny's February 2nd "5 Tips for Reducing Puffy Eyes" Bath Body Junky blog today, I decided to do a little online research to research her tips. (By the way, she has a nice blog with helpful information on how to care for skin, home spa ideas, and yummy products too.)

Sure 'nuf, most of what I researched agrees with Jenny's tips. Here's a bit more: puffy eyes are a sign of insufficient lymphatic drainage, poor elimination of toxins (especially alcohol), feather pillows for those that might be allergic, bad sleeping habits, hormonal problems, genetics, thyroid problems, and yes, the internal disorders in the kidneys, stomach, and nervous system.

Besides facial products, the old-time solutions are grated potatoes, teabags, cucumbers, witch hazel, and another popular one: Preparation H!

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Anonymous said...

From the Chinese Medicine point of view, your wise woman friend was correct. Puffy eyes have to do with kidneys and kidneys have to do with fear. That does not necessarily mean fear is related to puffy eyes. Also, when the Chinese refer to the kidneys, they mean a lot more than what we mean in the West. Each organ is related to a larger energetic framework, that includes many aspects of the body/mind.