Friday, February 02, 2007

Stopping The Theft of Time

Reading the February 1st posting on Mommy-Inc. titled "Thirteen Hints To Defeat The Time Stealers", I congratulated myself on the fact I apply most (not all) of Shannon's thirteen excellent hints. I'm sorry to say I learned to do this the hard way. Lots of my valuable time has been stolen! I plan to incorporate her sage advice into my daily routine.

For instance, take her hint number 13:

"Not enough time off. To be truly effective, you need to step back and re-energize yourself. Many people try to do more and more, thinking this proves their efficiency. But in reality, excessive busy-ness reduces productivity and distracts you from focusing on what is most important."

I keep learning this hint over and over. You would think I would apply it by now! I must have a childhood program still running in my head about being productive, for my days overflow with busy-ness. I use the word "busy" a lot. A friend will ask me what I've been up to, and usually I respond with "I've been busy...." Which I truly have! There are so many things which interest me...which beckon...which I have obligated myself to do....always managing many balls in the air.

I know I'm not alone in this. Americans as a whole are busy people. Europeans have noted this about Americans. We don't take siestas or long lunch hours. We work late or overtime. We hold down several jobs and wear many hats. How did Americans take on this work ethic? Are we all programmed to be busy bees?

No one I know seems to have 'enough time'. There is talk of our time running out with the Doomsday Clock clicking closer to midnight. The Mayan Calendar timeline speaks of a soon-to-be-approached end of time as we currently know it. And on top of all this, I read an MSNBC article titled,"WP: Clocks to spring forward early." You can read the article here.

The change takes effect this year on March 11! Now we will have even more confusion about time. We'll be racing to check our time to make sure we're really on time. I say enough! Let's just call a Time-Out and do what Shannon suggests: chill for a while. Take time off! Play. Relax. Nap. Rejuvenate. This sounds really good to me...a day when no one worked---only rested!

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TorAa said...

Yeah, it is a cultural difference between Americans (USA) and most Europeans.
While Americans rate Job/Work as priority #1, priority "1 in Norway is sparetime/freetime/leisure/vacation

By law, all Norwegians hav 5 weeks vacation each year + holydays, and when 60+ it is at least 6 weeks.
Last year I had 10 weeks vacation.
(of which I took one long for allmost 6 weeks - visiting friens and family in USA and Canada, the remaing postioned out to school vacation, since my wife work as a Teacher.) Sounds great? But verything has it's price. Long vacations reflects wages and social costs and general prices.

Have a relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

It is about
time the issue of time was addressed. Iam
doing something right!

It is good to comment about time. I feel
it vital to take quiet moments out of a day to just be with our creator. It is about of our being quiet and in that stillness. we can come back refreshed and able to be of help and love to other spiritual beings on this planet.
abundance comes when we are willing to stop and just be a friend to one-another.What a wonderful way to spend time.much love to all ...Basha

it is all about abundance,abundance of just being with our creator so we will have the quality time needed to be better spiritual beings, and in that time